Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No TV ='s No Bueno

The storm last night lasted well into the morning, I was woken up around 5am to the power flickering on and off for about 20 minutes straight. I was kinda freaked out because looking out our bedroom window you could see the street pole across the way with sparks lighting off of it. It really looked like the whole thing was on fine. Having gas appliances in our house this made me a little uneasy. I called the hubbs but he assured me everything would be ok. Still no 100% relieved I tried to get a little more sleep before getting ready for work. With no AC that didn't really work. When I left for work, there was still no power. But when I came home at 1pm it was back on. Thank goodness!!!!!
 This view in our living room is kinda depressing :( we don't watch a lot of TV but we do enjoy our shows. At the end of a long day you can normally find us vegged out curled up on the couch. I dropped our TV off at a repair shop today and the verdict is needs a new circuit board. I'm glad its repairable, because I know we wouldn't of gotten the full price we paid for it from the insurance company. Meaning we would have to come out of pocket to cover the difference on a new TV. The only crappy part is the part needed to fix the unit is on back order. Really how is that even possible, I just can't help but think its always been one thing or another since we've been here. I know things will get better, I know life comes with trial and mountains we must climb but why so many. I'm trying to look at the good in the situation because I know it could have been much worse. They are telling us 2 possibly 3 weeks on the part so we will see. For now I'm on the hunt for a temporary one to hold us over. Fingers crossed ours gets repaired sooner rather than later.

  ~DAY 272~

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ROXY said...

Sounds like us. There was always something happpening one right after the other. It will get better. Enjoy having no tv. Lol. Our family is always watching tv even Kyra. It's nice sometimes when the tv isn't always on. :)