Friday, July 13, 2012

It's that time of the month

I really dislike going to the commissary sometimes, even more so because here the last few months its just me. The hubby used to go with me every time. With his work hours it just doesn't work out that was any more. Thankfully we've managed to get our commissary shopping down to once a month. Tomorrow is that "once a month" trip so I'm spending the evening getting my lists ready. I pull from different recipe books we have and on line as well for meal ideas. I compile a list of each meal we are going to have over the next 4 weeks and print it out. From there its posted on the frig. and we mark them off as we make them. Now don't get me wrong we may change things up here and there and we always have extra on stock in case we want something different. This however keeps us on budget with out going on a crazy "Oh that looks good, lets get that" shopping spree. It also allow me to make sure we are using everything in our pantry. I always check to see what we have on stock first before making out our meal list. I try to make meals around what we have left from the last shopping trip. This helps in  keeping things from piling up on the shelves.
Do you have any commissary / grocery shopping tips you'd like to share?!?!?!? 

~DAY 274~


Brittany said...

I wish I had some ideas/tips for you....I am sooooo not organized in the grocery department. I really wanna start couponing but I know it'll be a lot of work!

Janna Renee said...

Haha I'm probably not the one to ask for advice...I've been trying to eat through our pantry since the hubs left. I'm good about the perishables, but the non-parishables pile up! I don't mind it right now, but I do have a goal of getting through it all before the next move!