Friday, July 20, 2012


OK OK not me (I already am HELLO), BUT my sweetest Kari is finally gettin HITCHED. She asked me to be a bridesmaid and I just couldn't say no. So what does that mean.....I'm going to TEXAS!!!!! Woohoo, I hadn't planned on going back to Lone Star State till the wedding and whelp its finally in the works. (ticket is booked people) Sadly it will be a semi short trip home because I have a BIG trip planned that I leave for two days after the wedding.
This evening when I got home from work I called and my bridesmaid dress had finally came in. I was so excited that the hubby took me all the way across town to go pick it up. It fits perfect I just have to get the length taken up a little. Here's a little sneak peak but you'll have to stick around for a full picture till after the wedding. 

The Bride to be & I waiting to go to the state fair when I was visiting last October. 

~DAY 281~


Brittany said...

Gorgeous dress! And get to come to Texas!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty dress!

Jamie said...

I hope it was wonderful!