Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's Date Night Yall!!!!!

I knew today was going to be a good day when I got up and ready for work, out the door with plenty of time to stop off for a quick breakfast. I haven't been to Starbucks in a good minute but we received a gift card in the mail a week or so ago. I couldn't let it sit there and collect dust, that just wouldn't be right. I told the hubbs to use it but he declined and said I could. Thanks, I wont argue with you on sweet tea and a apple fritter. In Hawaii my friend B would bring this lovely combo to me at work every so often when she would pick up her daughter. I cursed the day she quit working for Starbucks but that's ok because then we got yummy ice cream because she works at Baskin Robbins.  I sure miss B loads, she has the craziest personality and doesn't give a flip what any ones say / thinks about her. She is one of the sweetest people I know and really is a fabulous friend. I can't wait to see her again, soonly! (anywho back to my day....)
I only had two little ones in class all day, well till noon then we dropped to one. I was given the option to go home early, meaning when I left for lunch I didn't have to come back for my last three hours. I went back and forth about it because I'm trying to get all the hours I can and not take off. But I decided to take advantage of it, I know come the fall when school starts again we are going to be super busy.
I was able to get a few things done around the house before heading out to Florence, SC for dinner. I had a date, not just any date either but a bloggie friend date. Mrs. R & I were finally getting to me up after "knowing" each other for umm like 7+ months now. She lives only 2 hours away from me so not bad at all. We each made the hour drive meeting in the middle (Florence) for some yummy grub. We decided on Chili's. I hadn't been there since before we left the island so I was looking forward to some of their yummy chips & salsa.
We had a fabulous first date and I can't wait for our 2nd one. We clicked so well, you would have never though that we'd just met IRL. There was never a awkward moment of silence, in fact I left thinking "man I was gonna ask her about this, or that." But the conversations just kept rolling. I couldn't help but think that if she lived closer maybe I wouldn't be so heart broken about living in Columbia. (don't worry its growing on us, just taking time. we don't love it but we don't hate it. making the most of it because frankly we do live here and that's not going to change any time soon.) However she has the same feelings as we do about the city, she attended college here. Anyhow it was a great evening and I'm glad we were able to get together, I hope we're able to meet up again sooner than later. 
~DAY 264~


lilmoomoo said...

Ahhh! That's so awesome you all got to meet up! :)

E said...

Yaaaa for your Hawaii cup!
And hurray for blogger dates! Lol, that's so awesome and I'm glad you two enjoyed yourself!