Tuesday, July 10, 2012

some crazy storm

There was a crazy storm that rolled through our part of town tonight. It all happened in a matter of minutes. Thankfully I had just finished up cooking dinner before the power went out. We hardly ever sit at our kitchen table and eat but since the storm knocked the cable out we found our self at the table watching the crazy storm poor down from the sky. It was just a little after 6:30pm and it looked like it was around 10 or 11pm because the clouds were so dark. Thankfully the power wasn't out for long, just a couple minutes. I was enjoying the storm till we realized it took out our TV, it won't turn on at all. This wouldn't be that big of a issue if it wasn't the only TV we had in our home. We made a agreement back when we got married, no TV in the bed room. I know it will be covered under our rental insurance it just sucks. I stepped out front after the storm died down a bit and our neighbor said the same thing happened to their TV. Wired thing is it's plugged in to a power surge protector and everything else plugged into it works just fine. The storm lasted well into the night, loud rolls of thunder followed by lightning lighting up the sky every couple minutes.
We stood out side watching the rain gushing off the roof, our backyard was flooded. We needed the rain (from what the locals say) but did we really need that much?!?!?! Oh well maybe the grass seed we planted last weekend will still grow. We have one small spot in the back yard we are still having problems with it growing. From what I've heard its suppose to thunderstorm for the next week like it did tonight. The only bad part about that means no outside time at school, talk about a BIG bummer.

~DAY 271~

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