Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just Like New

I think its seriously been over a month since I cleaned my car (inside & out) and that's so NOT like us. We've just been so busy with other stuff, when we aren't we are using our free time to spend together and its kind of got pushed to the side. Well this morning the hubbs was fast asleep recovering from CQ (yet again). I had a few things to get done around town and on my way home I decided to stop off at the self service car wash on post. Let me tell you I did a number on my baby and its sparkling just like new now!!!! I can't believe I let it go that long. 
Later that afternoon once the hubbs was up we went out and did a bit of shopping. We came home freshened up and headed out for a much needed dinner / dessert date. It was a simple day but we spent it together and that's what I love the most. :) 

~DAY 268~


Brittany said...

You guys are the cutest. I need to clean my car too....blahhh

Mrs. Robinson said...

:) Y'all just sound so SWEET together. The way you write makes it evident that you really appreciate all the small things about married life. :) It's precious - I need to be more like you!