Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!!! YA'LL!!!!

We were blessed that the hubby didn't have to pull duty today YAY!!!! He went in at 4:30am as always and did PT with the Privates but was home shortly after 8am We lounged around the house, I made us breakfast and then we headed out to do some shopping. We are on the hunt for one particular item for the hubbs, we went ALL over town looking for the perfect "one" with no such luck. After a late lunch and checking one other store we headed home to relax a bit before heading out for the evening.

The Spouse & I head to the Field to enjoy in the 4th of July festivities. 
(only a ocean apart :( )

 There was a event going on, on post called Celebrate Freedom. It was being held at the graduation field, the ceremony featured a cannon salute to each state, along with music which was by the 282nd Army Band, followed by a 30 minute fire work display. We headed up to the field around 7:30pm, our Battalion had tables, chairs and a tent set up in the soft ball field right by all the festivities. Loads of food booths, rides for the kids and much more. This allowed the kiddos to run around and play with out getting lost in the crowd, also aloud all of us to enjoy the evening but not be trampled over by tons of people and the privates. YUP, thats right ALL the SIT were at the celebration, there were thousands of them. They completely took up the entire field for the most part. It was there one day to kinda "chill" and eat pizza & drink soda, I'm sure they were in heaven. 
We spent the evening chatting with other families in our unit and doing lots of people watching. 
The band wasn't all that great, I wasn't disappointed that we couldn't see them because I don't think that would have made up for how bad they sounded. 
Finally about 9:30pm it was dark enough for them to do the fire work show. It was ok, once again nothing spectacular. I wouldn't waste my time writing home to my parents about and I definitely think next year we will venture off post to check out a different area. We did have a great evening together though and that's all that matters to me. We don't always get to spend the Holidays together so I'll take it when I can!!!!! 

 After the show was over we made the walk back to the car and headed home. We have some friends that live closer to the field than we do, so we parked at their house and walked up. Best idea ever because we didn't have to deal with traffic or long lines getting out of the parking area. 

HAPPY 4th of JULY, from our Ohana to Yours!!!!!! 

~DAY 265~

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E said...

Love your stripes and red bandana! You look classic and festive!
And girl, did you ever try to drive for the Schofield fireworks?! I'm SO glad I walked the 1.2mi instead of driving. The friends I met up with live in Mililani ANSI walked home and showered and they still hadn't gotten off base!
We had crazy downpours of rain during the fireworks, though. Thankfully it stopped (for the most part) on my walk home.
Glad you got to enjoy some fun times for your Fourth!