Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Saturday....

.........while the hubby was at work.

 I made plans about a week & a half ago to have lunch at Schlotzsky's today. I absolutely LOVE there sandwiches, they are so yummy, fresh, hot and gooey. If you've never eaten at a Schlotzsky's you gotta try it, I promise you wont be disappointed. Just go with the Original small, because they are really big, grab yourself a bag of chips, a drink of your choice and enjoy. 
Back up a bit, I bet your wondering how & why I made plans a week ago to have lunch here. Whelp I finally scheduled a appointment to get my windows tinted on my car. The place I decided to go with was in Lexington which is about 15-20 minutes away from post. The only good thing about that was it's near Schlotzsky's. There's only a small hand full in the South so we don't get to enjoy it that much. In fact we've had it one other time since we've moved here. So I couldn't pass up the opportunity to indulge while I was over here. 

I'm quite pleased with the way the car turned out I think it looks great. It was suppose to take a hour and I think I was in and out with in like 45 minutes. Totally works for me. I've always had my window tinted, its just taken some time to get these done. I think it makes a world of a difference in the way it looks. I could tell a difference already when I got in the car, those leather seats are killer in the hot summer sun.  

I stopped off at our local farmers market on my way home to pick up a few things. I always enjoy going and getting a few fresh goodies to take home with me. Although I must say I liked the farmers market in Hawaii much better. The ones here have a good selection but I think the people make up a lot of the experience for me. I enjoy talking to them and here they just aren't very personable or friendly but very very pushy. I had some strange guy follow me around the market today and then out to my car as I was leaving. This same person was driving next to me as I was headed into the market. He kept trying to get me to roll my window down which I couldn't & even if I could have I wouldn't of. He turned in to the farmers market just ahead of me, same place I was going. I went straight in hopes to loose him, then I turned back around and went in a little later. Little did I know I would run in to him again. It was really weird, I don't know if he was wanting to look at the car or what but I wasn't giving him a chance. I was by myself and he was really creeping me out. 
Needless to say I don't know that I'll be making a trip back out to the market by myself anytime soon. I told the hubbs about it and he is convinced I need to get a concealed carry. I don't know that its that serious but there have been several times I haven't felt comfortable by myself out and about in our area. 

We ended the evening by going to look at TVs and then on a dinner date to LongHorn Steak House. There's nothing better than a good well done steak, side of potato's and a caesar salad with some strawberry lemonade. We decided over dinner, we aren't going to get a TV to "hold" us over till we get ours back. We are just going to do with out. We will manage, we can think of a million other things to do around the house and out side as well. It's just not worth it to spend the money on one that will later be stuck in a closet some were. Its only a couple weeks it really can't be that bad, and I can watch my shows on line if I want to. It almost makes me want to call and cancel our cable for the month since we aren't using it, but that just sounds like more trouble then its worth. 

~DAY 275~


Brittany said...

Mmmmmmm schlotzskys is my favorite!! Just looking at that picture makes my mouth water. And I think you're smart to just wait on the tv....maybe you can read a good book or two :)

*Katie* said...

LOOOOVE Schlotzsky's!!! Missing that so much right now!
Car looks great! Tints are definitely a good touch!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

The car looks good!

Mrs. D said...

I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVE schlotzsky!! We use to have one in our town but it went out of business (no clue how)! YUM!! Super jealous!

Janna Renee said...

I love Schlotzky's, I love that you drive a Challenger, I love Farmer's Markets, and I love that last pic of y'all!!