Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beach Bound w/ PuP.s

We had such a wonderful time at the beach with our two pups today. We ended up going to a beach near Dillingham. We wanted to go were we new there wasn't going to be allot of people.
Dingo's 1st trip to the beach back when we first got him didn't go over so well, so I was a bit nervous about taking them again. I really wanted both of them to like the water and want to play in it.
Bailey Girl, was happy as could be just sitting there in the sand watching everything pass her by. Dingo however was a bit more adventurous this time and went in the water. He even played fetch with Gabe throwing a piece of coconut. It was to cute. We were able to get Bailey in the water a bit but she wasn't a big fan. I'm hoping that she will warm up to it, if we keep on them and taking them every so often. We really though it would be the other way around, Dingo NOT liking it and Bailey LOVING it. Oh well with time.

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Annie Banannie said...

What an adventure for the pups :) Baliey's a cutie just sitting there checking it all out.