Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Lunch Date @ WLC :)

Today was my wonderful lunch date with the Love of My Life @ WLC.
In order to have lunch with him I had to attend a class there at the NCO Academy. What I though was going to be a long dreadful day of people talking my head off turned into some pretty good information. Some I knew and some I did not.
We went over the following:
*Expectations & Impact of the Mission on Family Life
*Military Acronyms & Terms
*The Chain of Command
*Introduction to Military Customs & Courtesies
*Basic Military Benefits & Entitlements
*Introduction to Military & Civilian Community Resources
*Introduction to Family Readiness Groups
*Supporting Your Child's Education
*Savings & Investment / finances

The program that we (spouses) went through was called "Army Family Team Building"
I was a bit nervous about going because I knew there would be other Army Wife's there that I didn't know. Walking into a room full of people whom I have no idea are scares me a little because I am not a very out going person unless I know you. However the thought of getting to see my husband and have lunch with him while he was going through this class was my driving force.
Noon came and we headed out to the commons area to wait for our spouses and there he came my Knight in shining ACU'S. I was so stoked to be able to see him. Ya it had only been a week but it seemed like oh so long.
We had a hour for lunch together (there at the Academy), so off we went to the defact to get some chow. After catching up a bit and eating our lunch we said our goodbyes (in our relationship though we say "APPLES" & not Goodbye). It was only 12:45 and we had till 1:00pm with our spouses but Gabe wanted to make sure he was back to class on time. (what a good soldier he is). So there I was sitting at the picnic table outside all alone and bummed out because he had left and all the other guys were still there with their wife's. I thought to myself "it's alright I got to see him for a bit and now we are more than half way through it". BUT then.............one of the Instructor's SGT. Snook came over and told every one that we were going to gather for a group picture with our spouses (soldier). AWESOME I though and here I am sitting the only one with out their spouse. So as everyone gathered around I sat and was just going to wait. When at that point he turned around and ask "Oh did he just run to the restroom?" "No, I replied (trying to hold back the tears) he went back to class." he then proceeds to ask me "what class he is in and what his last name is." So I told him and another Instructor SGT. Bess says "I'll go get him" mean while at the top of his lungs SGT Snook yells "SGT. GABRIEL GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW" (the classrooms were the guys were at were right above us with the doors open, but I'm sure EVERYONE at the Academy heard his name). OMG, I was so embarrassed. So here comes Gabe running down the stairs and as he's coming SGT. Snook yelled "SGT. there's one thing I learn you don't keep you wife waiting." wow, could this get any more embarrassing. You can tell in the look of Gabe's face that he just felt horrible for leaving so soon and didn't know that we were going to do pictures. Heck none of us did but you could tell he just felt so so bad.
I was so grateful for SGT. Snook & Bess for taking the time to go get him (really yell to him), not only did I get to see him one more time but we got to be in the group picture.
So we said out "APPLES" again and all the guys went back to class. At this point we were given a tour of the campus and brief over view on what all goes on during the 14 day school. It just made me that much more proud of my husband and what he dose. Serving Our Great Country as a US Soldier.
We ended the day with a semi ceremony of our own with Command Sergeant Major Fraijo whom presented us with Certificates of completion of the course.
I truly and blessed to have been able to go through the classes today and not only be able to have lunch with Gabe but to learn more about the Army as well. Every time I learn something new it just makes me that much more proud to be a Army Wife and of Jared and to know he is my one and only true love of my life. :)
I can not wait till next Tuesday at 10:00am for the Graduation ceremony, not only so I can have him back with me but so that I can see him walk across the stage at the SGT. Smith Theater.


Jess said...

LOL, not laughing at you but the fact that you made me almost cry. My eyes started tearing up when I read the part of him leaving and the other soldiers stayed with their wives and then the part of the picture...so glad they yelled for him to come down!


Nichole said...

Tiffany - thank you for your sweet message. I actually titled that blog "Untitled" because I just don't know how to put a title on what we are going through right now. You and Jared mean so much to us and we wish we were closer to you.

I'm so glad you got to have a nice lunch with Jared - and ya - he definitely needs to learn to not keep his wife waiting! I love you girlie - I hope this next week goes quickly for you!

Annie Banannie said...

So glad to hear your day was fab!! Only one more week chickadee!!

NENE said...

You are having so many great experiences and making so many new and lasting friendships. I am so proud for you and Jared, you are so fortunate to share so much. You are really having so many great times, enjoy and I love your blogs, it is so sweet of you to share..Take care of each other. I love you both and know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, NeNe

NeNe said...

Well, I thought I sent this, here goes again, sounds like you are having a great time, making good, lasting friendships. Such wonderful memories you are making. I love your blogs, thank you for sharing, I love you both and be good to each other, my thoughts and prayers are always with you. Love NeNe