Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Matrimony Happily Married

When I saw this video & heard this song it just made me fall In Love w/ Jared all over again. And reminded me that we are ALWAYS & FOREVER & THENSOME going to be together. We have a Infinity kinda LOVE, "LOVE NEVER ENDS".
I Truly am Blessed to have such an Amazing, Giving, Loving, Caring, Incredible, Sweet, Tenderhearted, HUSBAND. There is no one else out there like him & Thank Goodness he is ALL MINE.

I know your favorite color, I can name your shoe size
I'm now confortable around your father
You slept in my T-shirt last night
You whisper my name in my ear, to find if I'm awake
Could you close the window, dear, It's cold and I can't sleep that way
Oh I know it might sound strange, but this feels like heaven to me
2 hearts, rearranged- composing one harmony

Happily Married, Happily Married

I'm taking off my shoes; leaving them on the floor
I know she'll be mad at me, but that's what "I'm sorry" is for
I know it sounds cruel, I should show her more curtousey
But it's hard to keep the rules- she's soo dang cute when she's angry

Happily married, Happily Married
Not just February 14th, not only on Christmas and New Year's eve
I'll cherish and treasure all of the days inbetween...

When we've grown old and wrinkly, and I can't remember my name
After an hour of thinking, I'll still remember yours
I'll love your old age, 'cause it means I've had more time spent with you
And Know , I'm not afraid of the vows I have made
To have and to hold you, to love and adore you, till death do us part
You have my heart, for eternity...


Annie Banannie said...

♥ Love ♥ is fabulous!!

Jess said...

I love made me all teary eyed! We are so lucky hon! We both have such wonderful men and they make life so much sweeter!

You may steal the ABC's...I love learning new things about you! G was so happy I finally posted, lol. I got so busy with school and didn't have time to post.