Friday, August 21, 2009

ABC easy as 123..

ABC's of ME!

A-Angela: My Bestie (Miss Her)

B-Boat: I Love to water ski :)

C-Cooking: I enjoying cooking and trying new meals!

D-Deployments: I hate them but they are apart of the Army.

E-Electric: The way he makes me feel when he walks through a room.

F-Faith: Missing my Church Home so badly...The Church on Rush Creek. Have Faith in God that he will always get you through.

G-Gabriel: The best last name in the world, It feels so good to be called a MRS. GABRIEL.

H-Hawaii: were we live the most blessed, amazing, wonderful life ever. (I love the Island fever)


J-Jared: My hubby's name....My One & Only Love forever

K-Kaylee: My favorite cousin whom I miss more than words can say, I can not wait to get back to Texas to have her again. :)

L-LOVE: A feeling I never knew that would be so strong, oh how I love it.

M-Marriage: Getting Married to Gabe was the best decision I have ever made in my life

N-November: November 9, 2007 the day my life changed for ever.

O-Owen: Owen Wayne, Our Future son's name

P-Prostate: I lost my PaPa to Prostate Cancer & I don't think I have ever been the same since. He was the most amazing man in my life and really taught me alot. (NeNe, if your reading this one: I miss you so much and PaPa to. I wish so badly he could of been here to meet Jared and be apart of our wedding.)

Q- Quarters: Military Quarters, also known as Government Quarters or Housing can really SUCK sometimes.

R-Ridge back: Our Bailey Girl, she is so precious and I love her puppy face so much :)

S-States: I want to visit all 50! (me to Jess.) I have been to Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, California, Hawaii, Washington, New York, Florida, Kansas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Alaska, Colorado, Tennessee, South Carolina. Only 35 to go!

T-Tiffany: THAT WOULD BE ME, the one and only. love me or hate me I DON'T CARE!!!

U-Indecisive: On what I want to go to school for, maybe finish in Photography??? who knows.

V-Vacuum: With our pups. we have, I'm always vacuuming the floors and couches. gotta love puppies.

W-Water: I cant get enough of it, thank goodness we live a 5 minute drive from the ocean.

X-X-ray: I fell @ work today & had to get my wrist / hand x-rayed to make sure it was OK.

Y-Yahoo: Yahoo Messenger was a life saver during our 15 month deployment.

Z-Zesty: I love foods that have a little zest in them. hee hee


Jess said...

I LOVE IT! HEHE, I'll choose to love you rather than hate you (who could hate you though, seriousely?) Not bad woman, you've been to quite a few states.

Annie Banannie said...

This is such a cool blog posts!! I hope you don't mind but I'm totally gonna borrow the idea :) Such a neat way to learn more about each other :)

NeNe said...

yeah, got the comment post after I sent you the e-mail, am in business again...Love, NeNe

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

COMMENT FROM MY NENE (she emailed it to me for some reason it wouldnt let her comment on the blog post).

Tiffany, I did something and I can't post my comment, don't know what I did, but I wanted to comment, I know there was a reason I lost PaPa. I feel so good that you and Gabe are experiencing what PaPa and I had. I was so blessed to have had him for 44 years. I know God has a plan for me so I am not bitter, lonely sometimes, we were like VelCrow. I had such loving in-laws. I am so glad you and Gabe are so close and love each other and it only gets better with time. Now, if you want to go back to school, please don't let money stop you, I will be only too happy to pay for your schooling. You might be ready if you have to be a part from Gabe for any length of time (let's hope that doesn't ever happen) or you just might be bored and want to do something for yourself, time will tell and you will know, but I am there for you mentally and monetarially. You ought to think about writing, and poetry, you are so good at expressing yourself, so original, so creative, I love your blogs. You sure have been in a lot of states, don't you just love traveling? The pups have grown, know they enjoyed their day in the park....Keep the blogs coming, I do enjoy them. Thank you...Hope I can figure out how I can post comments, if not it will have to be this.....Love, NeNe.