Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a Weekend ;)

Time to SLOOOOW down after a go go go weekend. We had allot planned to go this weekend and everything was accomplished and then some. (ITS A LONG ONE)
It started off coming home from work on Friday to Gabe just finishing up buffing and waxing his truck. Man it looks like a beauty now. Then off to dinner we went. Meeting up with Annie & Allen at California Pizza Kitchen for some yummy grub. Dinner was great filled with loads of laughter & conversation. Home we headed after chatting for a bit, for a relaxing evening together at the house.
Saturday morning we were able to sleep in a bit, thanks to Gabe letting the pups. come up stairs after their 6am wake up alarm went off.
We had a few places to run to that morning to get ready for our BBQ that evening and then back home to clean!!! While I tackled the inside, (I like to clean it anyhow bc then I know its done good & the way I want it) Gabe went after my car. He washed the whole thing in & out buffed & waxed it as well. Now neither one of our cars have water spots YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
I was able to prepared food for the evening, baked a birthday cake, cut up all the veggies for burgers and salad in the mist of cleaning as well as all the laundry. We both finish just before 5pm. Everyone was suppose to start arriving in half a hour. We quickly shower and put the finishing touches on the cake just in time. WOW, just enough time for Gabe to turn off the radio and sit down for a quick game on the PS3. But not long after that, the party began :)
There was lots of chit chat, laughter and joking around w/ some of the awesomest people here on Island. We had some GREAT burgers and dogs thanks to my grill master SGT. Gabriel and everyone just loved my Homemade Black Bean Texican Salad and our Homemade Caramel Apple Crisp Dessert .

Thankfully with the 4 kiddos all UNDER TWO YEARS OLD & 2 puppies (ours), four grown (ok kinda) men nothing got broke. YAY!!!!! I was so happy. There was only one party mishap were a beer landed on the floor but I was up stairs at the time & it was cleaned up before I got back down other wise someone would of got a ear full. Shortly after 11pm everyone parted their ways and headed home. We finished cleaning up and off to bed we went. It was a LONG BUSY DAY!!! But so much fun.

Sunday morning was no different the dogs were up around 6:30am and ready to go. We had plans to be at the doggie park in Mililani at 9am. They were having a Great Dane meet & we figured we would go check them out and see what new we could learn about the Dane family. As well as the last time we went the puppies just had a FREAKIN BLAST running in the open fields and playing with the other dogs. I think we are going to turn it in to our Sunday routine. (Taking them to the dog park that is and then hit up the driving range for a bit.)
We enjoyed getting to see the different sizes of Danes and how they interact with other dogs of all sizes. I have been stuck on wanting a BullMasstif FOREVER now and I think Gabe has finally gotten me out of that rut. I can't wait to get back to the mainland so we can finally get a house with a bigger yard. (our house & yard here is much to small for a dog of such large size.)

After about a hour of our puppies running crazy we headed home to drop them off and up to the ACC it was.
(Last Thursday I slipped and fell at work having to go to the Dr. to have my wrist checked out because my Assistant Director was flipping out that something was wrong with it and me knowing good and well it was just alittle sore I went just to please her. (having to take all this paper work to the DR. to have them fill out for work, so work could document what was wrong with me "HELLO NOTHING")While there on Thursday they did x-ray's & checked it all out, I ended up getting a brace for my wrist which I wore the rest of the day and to work on Friday. Not only did I get a brace but I got orders from the Dr. "NO LIFTING FOR 10-14 DAYS & LIGHT WORK, also I was suppose to keep this brace thing on for the 14 days as well" are you freaking kidding me. "I'M FINE" ugh. So since this happened I was moved out of the class that I just love working in put into Preschool, which don't get me wrong I love, I just can' stand some of the teachers that work back in that class. After talking to my Director Thursday evening she told me that if my wrist was fine and I wanted to go back to the Dr. and have them give me a note saying "I could return to normal work duties I could". So I didn't have to stay out of my class for 2 weeks, Thank freakin goodness.)

So Hints the reason for the trip to the ACC Sunday after the Dog Park visit. All went well, I was in & out with in about a matter of 30 minutes with a note in hand stating I was all & well (which I knew all along) & could return to normal work duties with NO LIMITATIONS!!!! YEAH!!!! This called for some much celebration, a trip to the 24 hour shoppette. We grabbed a drink, candy bar AND HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE to rent. I had been wanting to see it forever now but Gabe was not to hip on the idea. So perfect time. He had a bit of work to do & so I though while he sat & worked on his counseling packets I would watch the movie.
I though it was such a great movie so cute & sweet. He would never admit to it but at times I looked over & saw him watching it as well. The rest of the afternoon included us relaxing and being lazy on the couch. Gabers ended up cooking his famous Chicken Parmesan for dinner, even did the dishes after. We watched Drop Dead Diva & Army Wives heading to bed shortly after. We were totally exhausted from our FANTASTIC weekend.
I can't wait for the work week to come & go so we can do it all over again next weekend. Here's to many more FANTASTIC weekends to come in the future of our life in Hawaii.


Annie Banannie said...

What a fun packed weekend :)

NeNe said...

Sounds like a fun packed weekend, the doggies are so cute.
I am going to try to send you a recipe that is in my Master Cook program, you may or may not get it. it is an easy recipe and good to take places and since it is Cranberry Dream Salad, you can use it at Thanksgiving, anyway, I m going to try to send it to you, if you don't get it, you havent lost anything. Hope you can get the ingredients there, the canned cranberry is the whole berry, not that jellied Cran berry sauce, the label states that is whole cranberry, don't get panicy (like I did) when you open the can, you don't see the berries, it looks like it is juicy. If you don't get the recipe, I wasn't successful in sending it. Love, NeNe