Friday, August 7, 2009

I Miss You Baby :(

What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you.

As we lie beneath the stars,
We wonder who we really are,
I wonder what you see in me,
We'll fall asleep beneath the trees.

Run your fingers through my hair,
Show me that you truly care,
Day by day, and night by night,
When I'm with you I have no fright.

The day you told me you loved me,
That's when I gave you the key,
To my heart, soul and mind,
I'm glad to know that you're all mine.

I know it will last forever,
To know that we'll always be together,
Feel no pain or sadness dear,
I know you will always be near.

In every hug and every kiss,
When I'm with you I feel true love exists.
Hold me close and never let me go,
Don't let me fall amidst the shadow.

For I am yours, forever it will be
I am yours for all eternity.
I mean it all; all I've said,
Without you, a part of me is dead.

1 comment:

Annie Banannie said...

This is truly sweet, Tiff!! Jared's a very lucky guy :)