Sunday, August 9, 2009


After a wonderful afternoon trip to North Shore with Annie, which included loads of laughter & chit chat about all sorts of stuff. As well as the wonderful HOT Hawaii sun. AWH, I love days at the beach.
I was home & out in the back yard with the pups. it hit me. Oh it couldn't be that hard to mow the yard, I mean heck we have a push mower that I can lift with one hand. However I have NEVER mowed a yard in my life. Annie & I were just talking about this today at the beach. Me & yard work do NOT go together because I have HORRIBLE allergies and I would be sicker than a dog. But our yard was looking alittle scary & I was fed up with the holes the dogs had dug in the back yard. So I came up with a plan. I was going to do something special & a bit different for Jared as a welcome home gift / surprise.
The plan was (for Gabe & I) to fix up the back yard once he returned from WLC. Meaning he was going to mow & go get dirt & fill in the holes and what not. Well I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea if I just went ahead and beat him to the punch.
So off to it I went, after cleaning up all the doggie poop, I mowed the back yard & then headed down to Lowe's were I got Top Soil to fill the holes 2 plants and some pots to plant them as well as 2 chairs and a small table to put out on the patio. I ended up having to get another water hoes because those lovely things we call our babies chewed a hole in the one we have. So I got that & a sprinkler to help water the yard so the grass will grow back. The table and chair set is nothing fancy. Its not the top of the line stuff but you know what it will do for us. In the evenings we can go sit out there and watch the dogs play and not just have to stand there or when we grill we will have a place to sit and chat while the food is cooking. Even gives Jared a place to go out and sit and drink his morning coffee.
I was so excited, I got home and started on the yard right away. Filled in all the holes, potted the plants and washed off the patio and put the chairs and table in place with the plants on top of the table. I couldn't wait to get it all done but then the sun started to go down and the moon started to come up and that left me with no day light to work. So in the morning the plan is to finish the yard and do a little weed eating.
I can not wait for Gabe to see it, he will never of excepted for me to have done something like this at all.

(so after taking Bailey to Hawaii Kai this morning to get fixed I tackelled the back yard, and the weed eating well it went ok. not so sure i'll do that one again. that was alot of work.) but I'm happy I did it for Gabe & can't wait for him to see it.


Jess said...

It looks great honey, he is going to love it!

Annie Banannie said...

It looks terrific Tiff!! Glad your allergies didn't kick your butt...Jared's gonna love the surprise!! Allen & I love sitting outside chit's a great addition to your home! It seems like everytime Allen leaves I end up doing something new or switching stuff up in the house...hehe :)Ahh the life of an Army Wifey!!

Nichole said...

Wow Tiffany! It looks GREAT! Jared is going to be thrilled! You go girl!