Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dinner & a Movie

So tonight was "OUR NIGHT", Date Night. I was looking forward to it all day. It was a long but very productive day at the Gabriel house and now it was time to reward ourselves for a JOB WELL DONE. Both from at home, WLC & work.
We headed off to Rosie's Cantina in Haleiwa for some Mexican grub. I had been there once before but Gabe had not. When we arrived there was a notice on the door that Sunday August 23, would be their last day in business after 20 some odd years they are closing. UGH, I really like their food and I knew Gabe would just love it was well. We ended dinner with some Fried Ice Cream that included a cherry on top and then home we went.
Relaxing a bit with the pups. before our late night movie. We went and saw The Ugly Truth. It was so hilarious and we both laughed the whole time. (even the old man sitting a couple seats down from me couldn't stop laughing) I so enjoy evenings like this with My Love, it just makes life stop so I can absorb all the love we have for each other and put everyone and everything else out of my mind.
Walking out of the theater 5 after midnight Gabe turns to me and says "that was a really good movie". A chick flick I though, and he loved it. YEAH!!! I couldn't have ask for a better husband.

Can't wait for one last meal at Rosie's Cantina before they close, Tuesday is Taco Buffet night :)


Annie Banannie said...

Date nights are the BEST!! That movie was super funny...great for both guys and girls :) Glad you two had an awesome night!!

Jess said...

I loved that movie, we (my brother, my cousin and me) saw it yesterday.

I love date nights too, I love going to red lobster with G and drinking strawberry pina coladas...mmm they make the best drinks!