Monday, August 3, 2009

A Soldiers Rank ?????

ugh, I hate how life in the Army has to be judged by your spouses rank!!!!!!! "your a E whatever and I'm a E_____ so we cant hang out"
I was talking with a friend online about this tonight and she said that "I decided a long time ago that the army couldn't tell me who I could and couldn't be friends with."~ Annie ~
I get it to a point, it makes sense but then I don't. Yes when a soldier is in uniform they are to obey the commands of their higher ranking soldiers and the ones over them. But how should that come in to play at the end of the day when you are off duty or the weekend???
I like to meet the couples that don't so much follow that rule for say to a T. Not saying people that don't go by the book, but ones that know how to separate the two....WORK & NON WORK. I know you have to, to a certain point which I get but it almost seems like some people take it to far. I mean isn't the Army suppose to be one big happy family ;) ????
If you were only able to hang out with the people that were the same rank / pay grade as you then dose that mean that when you or your friends go to the board and get promoted that you stop being friends with them??? OK OK, I know that seems a bit extreme for a example but come on I'm being for real.
I love Hawaii and I'm so glad we are stationed here right now and yea I have met a few people through work but the couples that I knew when I got here have all left so starting all over and making new friends has kinda been a pain in the butt for say. Most of the guys that Gabe works with are either single and big partiers, (something we aren't) or they are married with kids (more than one) and well the kid thing @ our house just isn't my cup of tea and then the others well, I wont even go there.
I understand there is a limit and a guide line that they have to go by. I just some times wish that the Army wasn't as twisted as some people try to make it out to be.


Jess said...

I'm sure it can get lonely and I have no clue why they do it that way. If you can seperate work from play, then you should be able to hang out with whoever you want. I'm not the army, but I'm pretty sure there is a reason why they have that role...doesn't mean it can't be tweaked a little. I hate those who are 100% by the book.

I feel like you do right now. My good friends are single and want to party and meet guys and well, I'm married so meeting guys might upset Greg, so I don't go out with them. My friends who have kids, think they know everything and I know nothing because I don't have kids. I feel like I'm in the middle. On Sat night, Greg invited his buddy from work over and he has a wife and two small kids and we had a great time. She wasn't a snob because we didn't have kids.

Sorry, it's early and this turned into a long ass comment!

Nichole said...

I'm so sorry sweetie - I can only imagine how frustrating that is for you especially right now when Jared is gone.

Annie Banannie said...

It's never easy being an Army wife...we can only hope we'll be able to overcome all the challenges and be stronger as a result :)