Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Late Night Date on the Beach

Late night Ice Cream dates are a big thing for us, so I had asked Gabe if he wanted to go get Ice cream tonight after dinner and he said sure.
I made chili and we enjoyed it on the couch with the pups. Shortly after we were on our way to were Gabe though was the PX for some Baskin Robbins. Right as we got to McComb gate I told him I had a idea really quick and we would get back for Ice Cream. Then the 50 questions started for him, as I drove down to Dillingham. He though I was trying to catch the sunset because it was just about that time. Finally making our way to the beach and parking I popped the trunk & grabbed out our beach bag and one other bag. We walked all the way down to almost the shore line and laid out the towel and at that time Gabe noticed that I had packed everything to make Ice Cream Sundaes.

We sat there and watched the sunset, made Ice Cream sundaes in our giant mugs and listened to the waves crash up against the beach. It was one of the best date night since we have been here in Hawaii. We were completly off by ourself no one around to inturupt us. Its the simple thing like tonight that I am going to miss when he deploys.

We had the most amazing night ever, something that I can't wait to do again.

Monday, June 28, 2010

PillBox Hike

After attempting our hike again from the day before when we got rained out and it happen again I was a bit frustrated. I wanted to make this weekend special get out and really enjoy the island as we always love doing. I was determined to see the world from above one way or another.

Back at home looking through my wonderful Oahu Revealed book and coming up with nothing made for a very sad girl. While I was on one computer the hubby was on his googling away trying whatever he could to try and make my day better.
Finally he had it, a hike in Kailua but that's all I got. Off we went driving along, we did great didn't get lost at all.

Parked at the start of the trail head right near the Golf course, I still had no idea were the heck we were going. All's I could tell was that were ever it was it was going to have some breath taking view and I was so EXCITED.

The Pillbox it was, I had to ask Gabe what they were used for and why they were called the Pillboxes. I'll let you guess it, another history lesson was given. Once we reached the top it was just like I had expected a breath taking view over the ocean looking down Kailua. The ocean was amazing, the weather was breath taking and the sky were blue and clear as ever. The best part about it all was that I was there enjoying each and every second with the love of my life. Nothing could take this moment away from us at all, it was the best day ever. He totally saved the day and made ever ounce of sweat worth it.

~~The start of the Trail head going up~~

~~It was pretty spectacular~~

~~One of the Pill Boxes~~

~~Enjoying the view with my love~~

~~~After making our way up and then back down~

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kamananui Valley Road

We were up and ready to go by 7AM, out the door by 7:45AM and headed to start our adventure for the day. It was still early so I just figured the clouds would pass be time we started out hike up the mountain. Walking down the 3.5 mile rocky road with the clouds above us didn't bother me at all. It was quite peaceful and the drizzle from from the rain help keep us cool.

Every so often Mr. Sun would appear above us and I was so excited. I hoped and crossed my fingers that it would be a gorgeous day and the view would be spectacular once we reached the top. More sprinkles came and left, the sun came and left again and again. But keep hope up we hiked on and on.

Crossing over 20 streams and old bridges that had water running over most of them, causing me to get muddy and wet and icky. I was loving every minute of it though and only complained when I would get mud on me. :(

Once we finally reached what we though was the start of the 2ND part of the trail, it started pouring rain. Still determined to reach the top we trucked along. However we really didn't get very far at all. Come to find out it was the wrong way and even if it was the right path (which we didn't know) we would not of been able to see anything from the top because of the crappy weather.

After taking a break, laughing at what was going on and snapping a few photo's for old time sake as well as a few kisses in the rain we decided that it was best to head back and call it a hike. We didn't wanna waste the time of trying to get to the top and it not be worth it. We will save this one and hike it on R&R and we will make it to the top. (after more googling once we got home, we found were we went wrong along the way.)

We still had a wonderful time, I am not one to like getting muddy and wet from the rain but it was so much fun. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. It is a day I'll remember that's for sure.
I can't wait to make it to the top, I know it will be worth the 11 mile hike.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dillingham / Ka'ena Point

One day last weekend Gabe randomly mentioned something about wanting to rent a jeep for the day and go off roading down past Dillingham Airfield. Now any other day I'd probably have said no way, why spend the money. However with the upcoming events we are doing anything and everything that he wants to do. So if that means renting a jeep for the day, that we will do. I was on it as soon as we got home and had a jeep booked in less than 2 hours.

I took off work for the deployment ceremony and the Friday after so that's when we decided to take on our little adventure. We have driven down the dirt bumpy road quite a ways many of times before but never all the way to the end. Mostly because we don't want to mess up the truck or get any scratches on it. With a rental jeep we have no worries at all and could go all the way to the gate at Ka'ena point.

Our first stop down the horribly bumpy road was Hidden Beach. It is a small sandy cove great for snorkeling when the waves aren't to crazy. We took the day to stay on land rather than the water so ill leave it to the pros on the snorkeling with the fishies.

From there we made our way down to the end of the road, well as far as we could go driving that is. We parked the jeep and off walking we went. To the westernmost tip of the Island Ka'ena Point, which is a Nature Reserve. Following along the roped of sandy path seeing a few of the NeNe birds along the way. The view was spectacular once we reach the tip of the island. To be able to see around to the left of the mountains and know that, that is as far as the island goes is breath taking.

There isn't a place in Texas were you can drive to the end of the state line and really be able to tell a difference of were you are so this was a pretty big deal for me as silly as it sounds.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deployment Ceremony

With a million things going on today both at home & work to through in the mix was the ever so dreadful Deployment Ceremony for 2nd Brigade. It wasn't dreadful at all, just gave me chills and reminded me of what the men and women do for our country. They, my husband included lay their life out on the line so we the families & others can sleep peacefully at home. I don't know so much about the peaceful part. Having my husband at war in harms way it the worst feeling ever. No one in the world can say they know what we as Military Wives go through unless they truly have been in our shoes before. It is a honor to be married to such an amazing man who is willing to put his country first. He is truly not only the love of my life, my best friend but my hero in so many more ways than one.

I was so blessed to have my bestie Crystal & her fam. there to show their support as well. They have truly been a God sent in our life & we are blessed with a life long friendship that will only grow from here and I'm so excited to see what the future holds for our families together.

From the Opening Music played by the band, The Formation of the Troop, Presentation of the Colors, Honors to the Nation, Retiring of the Colors I have to say it was a very touching Ceremony.
The Host of the event was Colonel Malcolm B. Frost whom I have had the chance to prior meet both him and his wife Mrs. Col. Frost. They are a very sweet down to earth couple. He is the Commander of 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division.

~My love standing in Formation~

~All of 2nd Brigade~


~Retiring of the Colors~

~The weather was perfect, not a cloud in sight~

~<3 My Solider & I <3~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun 'n the Sun

A wonderful afternoon at Bellow AFS with some great friends is how we spent our Sunday. We started off at the beach taking in the sun rays and the waves. We've been to Bellow's a number of times but this was the first to spend the day at the beach. It was so pretty and peaceful. There were quite a few people but it wasn't at all overly crowded. I like the different colors of the ocean as you look into the distance you can see the change depending on the depth of the sea. Its just so breath taking as well as the waves coming in.

After a couple hours of soaking up the sun we decided to walk across the street and play a round of miniature golf. I have not played miniature golf in FOREVER. The best part about it was my love bug suggested it. I love when he suggests things to do, I know it may sound silly but to me its a big deal. We totally sucked at golfing but it was a blast and another first for the hubby and I. The course was small but it still took some time to get through, lots of laughs and just enjoying a day being a kid again was great.