Friday, April 22, 2011

My 25th :)

The morning started off just perfect talking to my love. That right there was simply everything I needed to make for a great day. He makes everything so easy & knows just what to say to make to me smile. My gift from him arrived a few days early & he totally out did himself. I was so excited when I opened up the box and noticed what it was. I am in love with Fiestaware, its so fun mix & matching the colors. I have a list of items that I want to get & two of them are the 11 Piece Cutlery Set & 6 Piece Steak Knife Set. I had been holding off because the Cutlery set is kinda pricey so when I opened my box saw them both I was so excited. He did perfect on the color as well, we didn't have anything in the Peacock blue on the counter tops.
He mentioned that picking out the color was the hardest part of the whole process, But he couldn't have done better.

I treated myself to a local style breakfast, one that the two of us would of had if he was home. Koa Pancake House is one of our favorite places to veg at on the weekends every once in a while. I had my usual short stack of banana pancakes, crispy bacon & I added in Home Fried Potato's. Ummm it was so yummy, of course I never am able to finish it all & today was no different but boy did I sure try.

The agenda for the day: meet up with my favorite person for a bit of shopping & a much needed PEDI trip. (thanks spouse for my pedi!!!!)
We had so much fun running around town getting things done sipping on Starbucks. I couldn't have gotten through the day if it wasn't for her.
After much running around we both headed home to get ready for a wonderful evening out. Dressed in simple sun dresses we were on our way down to Waikiki. Reservations for 3 at 7:15pm at one of the world's most famous steak house's it was Ruth's Chris.

None of us had been there before so we were all in for a treat. From the moment we arrived & greeted at the door to the step out the door as we were leaving the service was simply FANTASTIC. I don't even know if fantastic is the right way to explain it. We had two different wait staff taking care of us, anything we needed they were there with in seconds giving us there opinion or suggestion. I have never been to a restaurant that was so amazing from start to finish. I can't say enough about it, the food oh my let me tell you. So delicate & perfect, the table settings were just so. When you got up from your seat to go to the restroom they would come by & refold your napkin. We got so tickled by this, Nancy went to the restroom at one point. Before leaving she tucked her napkin behind my back & I pulled it out. Sure enough our waiter came over and folded it just perfect placing it back in her place setting.
The FOOD..........omg the food was it just mouth watering amazing. Every bite was like heaven melting in your mouth. From the Caesar salad, Steak, Chicken, side dishes and the dessert. Oh yes the dessert that was brought to our table on FIRE!!!!!!!!! It was simply delicious and the drinks, lets just say you get your moneys worth of alcohol. One drink and the three of us were good for the evening, no need to make a after trip down stairs to the Yard House.
As a gift from them for spending my birthday there, they gave me a $20 gift card to use on my next visit. I mean who does that really. Talk about a over the top restaurant. Gabe & I talked we are going to take his parents there for dinner when they come out this summer. I'm so excited to see them I can't wait and even more so for the reason they are coming out here.
After dinner we were walking back to the truck, Nancy mentioned how she was so full. I agreed saying I was as well but we all agreed that it wasn't the overly stuffed roll me to the car full. You know that feeling when you eat way to much and feel like you can't move. Well that's NOT how we felt, we felt pleasantly full not over the top. "Just perfect."

As many times as I told these two not to worry about getting me anything they still didn't listen. Spending the day with them both & doing dinner was enough for me. But no that wasn't good enough for. I guess I can't say much I wouldn't have listened if one of them told me that either.
A Victoria Secret gift card awh that will come in great use closer to Home Coming. I love you N. thank you so so much, you did not at all have to do that. We can't thank you enough, yes I said we. Gabe says thank you as well and you really didn't have to.

Sometimes the best things come in smaller packages & sometimes they don't need packaging at all. I have bottled their friendship up & hold it close to my heart & will never let it go.

Sarah had a shirt made for me that is simply priceless. It's one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. She is so creative and genuine. One day I keep hoping if I spend enough time with her that her creativeness will rub off on me. I thank God every day for putting her in my life. Not only is she a friend, but a best friend, the sister that I will never have. She is my life long Army Spouse.

I had the best 25th birthday ever, of course spending it with my husband would have been the cherry on top. But we will surly get to celebrate together soon when he gets home. I am so grateful for the time I am getting to spend with him via the internet right now for holidays & celebrations. Definitely a birthday I will not forget, each year they just get sweeter & sweeter.

‎"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth."

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