Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just another Manic Monday

Mondays, oh how I hate you.......ok ok so maybe I don't really hate you but still. I wish sometimes you didn't come around. Last night I got in bed a bit later than I normally had been & it made for a slow morning. I try to get up at 6am so I can get something to eat & get my workout done before Gabe gets online. However this morning was way different, & I was not wanting to move. My alarm went off @ 6am and I hit the snooze button & went back to sleep. I just wanted to lay there in bed all morning, lay there dreaming of my most favorite person in the world. After a while 7am rolled around, I knew if I was going to get any kind of workout in I had to get up. So I did, it wasn't at all easy but some how I found the strength & managed. With just enough time to get my workout in before my love got online. I look forward to our conversations more than anything in the world. Whenever we talk especially before work I always seem to be in a better mood.
Work went ok today, nothing to jump up and down about, the day went by quick so that was a plus. With April being the month of the Military Child we are having to decorate our classroom doors. The theme is American, go figure. No biggie we came up with a great idea to do with our kiddos. White butcher paper with their hand prints all over it in the colors of red & blue paint. Out lining the door will be red & blue stars cut out of construction paper. We are also going to put some of our children's pictures on it, and it will say Welcome to Hourly Infant. Sounds cute right....yea well everyone that walked through my classroom said it was cute and that they really liked it. After I got it hung on the door and looked at it, it wasn't what I was thinking it would look like. I didn't like it and wanted to just tear it down and through it away. I didn't though, I'm hoping it will grow on me.
This evening when i got home, I simply had no motivation to do anything. I wanted to just sit on the couch and be lazy, I knew I couldn't though. I had no reason to, besides I would beat myself up over it later in the evening for not taking the pups out and getting my run in. So instead of going right then and there I waited a bit, which worked out really well. The sun had gone down a bit so it was cooler outside & made for a perfect evening. I think I might start waiting & go around 6pm instead of as soon as I get home.
For dinner I decided to go with something quick, simple & easy. Turkey / Cheese sandwich, Green Grapes, Asparagus & a Strawberry. It was so yummy, I could sit and eat asparagus right out of the can. Not to mention green grapes are one of my favorites. My night ended with my love of course, seeing his face just melts my heart. I can not wait till this deployment is over with, I'm so over it & ready to move on. I want my heart whole again & lazy nights on the couch watching trash TV together.
"Soon Soon, not much longer now" Is what he says, so thats what I keep telling myself.

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❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I made the mistake of running in the midday the other day because it was the only free moment I had for that day. Goodness gracious, I thought i was going to melt...too hot! I agree that evening runs are much better. I also agree...can't wait for this deployment to be over with!!!