Friday, April 29, 2011

Joys of PCDC

The month of April is month of the Military Child & management has been treating the staff as well.
*Monday we all got little goodie bags that were filled with candy that had the following saying written on the outside.

"You are a TREASURE for everything you teach our Children. You deserve a GOLD NUGGET every PAYDAY. We know sometimes our kids act like NERDS or like they're from somewhere beyond the MILKY WAY. You bring such ALMOND JOY when you teach about New YORK and ignore their LAUGHY Taffy ways. It must be hard to contain your SNICKERS when those little Baby Ruth's tell you Cow TALES.
Thanks, Teacher! You are the RIESEN our kids are SMARTIES instead of DUM DUMS. You are LIFESAVERS.

The bag was filled with each of the candies mentioned in the script as well. It was so cute and very thoughtful.

*Tuesday we received a letter telling us how much we are appreciated and how we are all great Team Players. It was very simple but to the point. Little things such as this remind me that I enjoy the people I work with.

*Friday management bought us lunch, pizza from Costco. It was so yummy, I had two slices of pepperoni and I was stuffed. This week has been a quick one to me. Maybe it was because we had alot going on at the center due to the Month of the Military child but hey that's ok with me. :)

April is finally over with and I couldn't be happier, May is going to be a busy month. Its not even here yet and I have so much planned. Hoping it will bring me closer to my love and faster. Here's to another month down in the horrible thing we call deployment.

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