Saturday, April 2, 2011

That's not me

Focus on your personal life and your emotional well-being. You will discover something that eases your stress and ensures you will be at your best when it counts. Make changes to your image and outlook to better suit your lifestyle.

This was my Horoscope yesterday, & it couldn't be more perfect for me right now. I am trying my hardest to make healthy & wise changes to my body & life style (my way of living). It comes at a prices & let me tell you its not easy but I'm not backing down or giving in. Last night I went dinner with a few friends @ Dave & Busters. I have been there before but only to play games, I have never eaten there for a meal. As I was looking through the menu nothing at all was catching my eye as to what I wanted to eat. I was hungry but didn't want anything to big. Also in the back of my mind I wanted something semi healthy & not super greasy. I know as long as I stay active & keep up what I'm doing now I will continue to keep off the weight I have lost (& still plan to loose). But I couldn't help but think if I ate something bad that, right away I would put it right back on. aaaaahhhhhh stop me now please, I don't at all want to become that overly insane person who stresses out about what they eat and doesn't enjoy food. I LOVE to cook & I LOVE to eat yummy food so there is no way that it would happen. For a moment last night though I caught myself thinking that way & started to stress out.
I mean haven't I done enough already...I have completely given up Fast Food, Soda & any an all types of Candy. I have cut it out of my daily life & honestly have not looked back since then. I think it is easier being here in Hawaii because we don't have alot of my favorite FF places here, so they aren't so tempting.
I would be lying if I said I didn't care what over people though about the way I look. So I am trying to move past that & change the way I think, in doing so changing myself. I keep telling myself it just takes a little bit of self discipline and I can do it. Gabe has been super supportive though this roller coaster these last two weeks. I just makes me fall in love with him all over again and warms my heart.

Last night when we were driving home from dinner I was fumbling through my phone. At that point I came across the horoscope app. that I have & that's when I was reading mine for the day. It was so fitting for the evening I had just gone through & what was on my mind right then.

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