Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post but it seemed appropriate for the day.

I am so proud of myself and feel so much better and refreshed. More than I have in a really long time I have to say. I have been working my buttay off like crazy every day since Gabe left to go back to Iraq from R&R. Sounds crazy I know why wait till after he leaves but you know we all have our reason's behind why we do things the way we do and what motivates us.
I have a great morning routine workout that I have implemented into my day & its working out just fabulous. I am not a morning person what so ever but I'm showing that alarm clock who is boss. And let me tell you its not the snooze button at all. I have been getting up even earlier than I normally would working out first thing before getting ready for my day. It just puts me in a much better mood and I feel so much better about myself. I tend to finish up and get ready for work just in time to meet Gabe for our morning chat dates. Nothing could make my day any better than that, well other than him being here that is.
After I finish up my lovely day at work it's back home and back into work out mode. Quickly switching clothes and putting the dogs on their leashes, we are out the door. Not going far just the track right by my house, which happens to be one street over.
I tend to have to walk them one lap around to get most of their energy out, other wise they would be pulling my around the track. I mean heck I would have a ball of energy as well, if I was inside for most of the day. So I really don't blame them at all. After our one lap around, I am able to get in a nice long run. I am absolutely loving getting out and running with them. I tend to run for about a hour and have stayed faithful to it every day. It as well makes me feel so much better, I just keep pushing myself that little but more. As I'm going I'll give myself a end point to stop at and then when I get to that point in my head I'm like ok just make it to the next point. I continue this through out the whole hour, at which point I'm literally dripping in sweat and my face is as red as a tomato. But I feel so much better after I'm done, even if it takes me a bit longer to walk home. It's totally worth it and I am only getting my body in better shape. Two of the things on my "30 b4 30" list were *13~Get into the best shape of my life* & *26~Lose 10-20 lbs.* I am doing both of those things at the same time & couldn't be happier. I plan to knock Gabes socks off when he comes home from this deployment. I know he did mine when he came home for R&R, he is such a hottie.
In the first week I lost 3lbs, doesn't sound like alot but when you are use to seeing a certain number on the scale & then its different is a big deal. Well at least to me it is and that is what motivated me and kept me going and pushing myself that much more.
The second week I lost 2lbs. I can't believe the progress I have already made in just 2 1/2 weeks. It just takes a little motivation, strong will & of course the amazing supportive husband that I have.

5lbs down and ____(I'm not going to share yet what my end goal is, I'd rather keep it to myself.)_____ more to go. :) I'm excited because I am that much closer to reaching my goal!!!

Here's to week 3 and whats to come or should I say go rather. :)

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Nene said...

Tiffany, don't burn yourself out, but I think it is wonderful, take it from a Weight Watcher of 45 years, it is easier to lose when you are young and you feel so much better. I love to walk Tasha and then three days a week I go to water aerobics, made some wonderful friends, I sometimes don't make 3 days as I have bible study on one of those days, but I try. With the exercise you will see inches fall off. I never did but they tell you to measure and not pay too much attention to the scale (but you can't help it), but even you just take a string to measure if you don't want to look at the numbers on the measuring tape, it makes it more worthwhile, but it does help the attitude...Good luck!