Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Saturday

The morning started off with a lovely chat with my Gabers, bright & early thanks to my puppies. But hey I'm not complaining any chance I get to talk to him I'll gladly take. We talked about everything from the "government shut down" to homecoming & the ball even life after deployment #2. Its just all so exciting I get all giddy about it when we talk, its so soon yet so far away. The time seems to be going quickly for both of us which is good. Lets just hope that it continues that way and we are done with this whole ordeal sooner rather than later.
I had breakfast plans with a old friend this morning in Kailua at our favorite little joint. We haven't hung out in a while, life kinda took a turn. She had a baby & I focused more on my free time / home projects and spending it at the beach. However when she invited me to go get breakfast at Crepes No Ka 'Oi I simply couldn't pass her up. I'm a complete sucker for them, its totally worth the drive to the other side of the island. Let me tell you if you haven't been your really missing out. You wont leave hungry that's for sure. The plus side as well is you never have to wait more than five minutes for your meal no matter how busy they are.
We had a lovely time catching up & talking about each others R&Rs we had recently had.
Home shortly before noon I took some time to myself to lounge around and watch a netflix DVD I had got in the mail. The Switch I had only seen previews so I was looking forward to watching it. It was a great movie, sad and funny all in the same way but I'm glad that it was a happy ending. It's always better that way any how.
My sweet baby was well over due for a wash so up to the local post car wash we went. It was a bit crowded for a semi cloudy day but none the less I waited it out and came home with her sparkling just like new. I can't wait to get the work done on it that we have planned. I'm so excited it wont be the same car after, ok it will it just might look and sound a little different.
I had been putting my workout off for the day, hoping that magically it would do its self and I would get the results. Yea right only in my dreams would that ever happen. Finally breaking down and getting to business I stepped up & got to busting my booty. Right now I'm following a 30 day work out routine to a DVD and there are different levels on it. After completing the one I'm working on I decided to check out the next set. Taking a quick water break and moving right in to it I felt great after doubling up today.
That wasn't it though, I still had to get my run it at the track. I look forward to going up there in the evenings now but before not so much. There is just something about after a good couple times around that makes me feel so much better about myself. I don't know if its the sweat dripping off my body or the accomplishment that I can do it but it makes me proud.
My friend B went with me, its always nice to have some one to chat with along the way. After we were done we decided to treat ourselves to a little ice cream from the PX. I can't even remember the last time I had ice cream other than the small bowl when Gabe was home. So I was excited, we sat at Starbucks and chatted for a bit then back home it was.
Ending my evening with another Netflix movie Beauty & the Briefcase. Along with a fabulous video chat with my most handsome man ever. Words can't describe the excitement I get when I get to see his face. It may be often & it may be not but still its a feeling I simply can't express. As I get ready to head to bed for the evening he is just starting his day. Chow, Gym, Work, Meetings, Work, Gym, Chow & shower then bed for him. Its the same thing over and over every day. I wish he was able to have a change of scenery or pace every now and then, soon soon I know just as he always says. He is the strongest person I know and I love that. There is no way I would be able to make it through this with out his love and support. I am so grateful for everything we have together, you can't put a price on our love life.

I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing Saturday, I know I did and I sure am looking forward to tomorrow. More time with my favorite person!!! :)

Horoscope for the day~ seems rather fitting if you ask me.
Memories are good and can spark enthusiasm to reconnect with someone you used to spend a lot of time with. Creative hobbies and doing things with people who have similar interests will lift your spirits and give you greater incentive to make positive personal changes.

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❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Wasn't the little boy in The Switch sooo cute?!?! I really liked that movie :) What DVD are you doing? I've been craving ice cream forever, but instead I caved and indulged in one of my cuppycake creations since it's what I had on hand. I still want ice cream though, haha! Love the horoscope btw :)