Monday, April 18, 2011


The day consisted of SHOPPING & lots of it to. It was a beautiful day out & I had plans with one of my favorite girls to spend it with. Our adventure started off in the Ward center parking lot were Sarah had to guide me into a parking spot because I stupidly drove the truck downtown. Hey at least I remembered that the parking garage across the street is to small & didn't try to park in there. (this time lol)
Our first stop was the kitchen store were we picked up some much needed baking supplies for next weekend. I can't wait to share with you all what we have up our sleeves. It is going to so much fun I'm so excited about it, but more on that later in the week.
With tons of stores to look through we just made our way up and down each side. We each managed to snag a few deals in the process & had so much fun doing it. On top of trying on cute clothes & some not so cute ones. I can happily mark off one of my "To Do's" off my To Do list. Which was finding a Homecoming dress, I found the PERFECT dress at a little boutique. It is simple yet classy & super fabulous if you ask me, I can't wait to go pick up my Soldier in it!!!
Sarah was on the hunt for "Care Package" items to send to her love. Each box has a theme & so we were looking for certain things. We came across a few goodies & were on a roll. With shopping still on our minds we made our way for one end of the island to the other. We made our way to Kapolei, we both like the Price Busters in that shopping center over any of the other ones. Not to mention Target is right there as well. At Price Busters we walked every aisle looking for different things to use to put together boxes for B. It was so much fun, seeings I can't send boxes to Gabe any more I enjoyed being able to help her start that part of their deployment.
Next stop was target, I think originally we only went in so I could look for a picture frame & ended up doing alot more spending. Hey that's ok though, we were able to knock out more Care Package shopping for B. I picked up a few post cards to mail home & I just so happen to remember a few family / friends birthday's & anniversaries coming up so I got those cards taken care of as well. Oh & Mother's Day is May 8th also (just in case you didn't know) ..... I can mark that off my To Do list. I found the frame I was looking for, the one thing I was going in for. (but after getting home & putting the photo in it, I don't like it. so looks like I'll be returning that one.)
We wrapped up our shopping & headed back to town. S was gonna take her pup Ella to the dog park & well since mine had been inside all day I figure I would to. I mean I really didn't have a reason not to, I had the truck out and it was already gonna have to be washed before I covered it again. So we met back up in Mililiani for about a hour to let the dogs run some energy out. I love watching them run around & play, however it was stressing me out a bit tonight. With all the rain we had on Saturday & Sunday the dog park was kinda muddy. I was just trying to keep them out of the puddles, the last thing I need is for Gabe's truck to get mud stains in it right before he comes home.
We ended the evening by picking up Subway for dinner & back to Sarah's house for girls night and ARMY WIVES. I still had my two mangy mutts with me & they seemed to enjoy their visit with Ella at her home. It was their first time there & they all got along just swell.
Sunday was one of the most relaxing days out and about that I have had in a while. I don't know if it was the fact that it was just Sarah and I out shopping & talking about the weekend to come. Maybe it was because we got so much done & had fun in the process. After watching Army Wives we just hung out at her house chatting away having a good night. It was so relaxing I didn't wanna leave to come home, partly because I knew Monday was just hours away & I was comfy on her couch. And partly because well I simply enjoy her company & the time we have together.

I am so excited about what is to come this next weekend. I love having fabulous weekends with great friends, they are the ones that keep me strong and pull me through this deployment when I am feeling weak.

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