Friday, April 8, 2011 my life

With the weekend coming up I am happy to say this week has gone by fairly fast. I love when that happens, it seems as if once we get through the first week of the month that the rest of the month flies by. I haven't done much of anything other than going up to the track after work this week which has been nice. I like coming home after a long day and not having anything to do or plans. The time to myself has been really relaxing here lately. As much as i try to stay busy to pass the time some times is nice just to sit back and shut the rest of the world out.
Last night my two favorite girls here came over for dinner and gossip. It was fabulous just to be able to hang out and chat with out a bunch of other people around. I made Green Chile Pulled Pork Burritos one of Gabe & I's favorites. It was super yummy although for whatever reason it didn't turn out the way we normally make it. I was a bit bummed but it was still good & the girls enjoyed it. (well or at least that's what they said lol)
I finished up my classroom door at work and after getting it up I think it has started growing on me more. I can't seem to remember if I have even hung butcher paper on a door before but don't plan to do it again. It was not at all the easiest thing to do & the fact that I did it all on my own was even harder. We have gotten alot of complements on it & the parents seem to be loving seeing their child's face on the door. I'm really just glad to have it done, we were the first to get our door up and decorated. So now seeing the other classrooms designs I am happy with ours.

I absolutely love new goodies & creations, weather its something I come up with on my own or someone else comes up with. This past weekend a fellow photographer on island debuted her snazzy camera strap covers. They are personalized & custom made to each persons liking therefore its a one of a kind & no one will have the same one. I was quick to place a order & pick out a fabric I loved & had our last name embroidered on it. I got it in the mail yesterday evening and first thing took my camera out and put it on. I love it, its just so cute and fun. I haven't ever seen anything like it before or if I had I just wasn't paying attention. One thing I like about it as well, it has a little pocket on the inside to hold your lens cap with its off.

It's been a ok work week, I'm glad that the weekend is in my very near future. I can't wait to sleep in and lounge around in my PJ's for longer than 30 minutes in the morning before I rush off to work. One week down in the month of April & only THREE more to go. I hope they FLY BY & nothing stops the time because I'm ready to have my husband home!!!!.

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