Monday, June 6, 2011

life over load

The last few weeks seem like a world win looking back on them. So much has changed and gone on that I don't even know how to sort through some of it. Over the Memorial day weekend I spent a good amount of my time at the beach soaking up the sun. I am really trying to work on my tan before the husband gets back. I want to make sure I'm looking good for him, although I know he will simply be happy that he is back home & we are together.

Work has been a bit crazy here lately with the center getting ready for accreditation soon, soon as in October 2012. aaaaaaaahhhhhh Really we still have over a year to go so it's kind of annoying but I'm rolling with the punches & retarded changes they are making. I know it's for the best for the staff & children, some of it is things we should be doing to begin with so no complaining here. I have officially finished my CDA book and will turn it in this coming week. I will be observed on Thursday by my trainer and then from there she will submit my paper work to the main office in Washington. At that point everything is out of my hands. I have a three month window were someone will come out and interview me & do the testing part. From there I sit and wait again till I receive my CDA completion certificate in the mail. I can't wait, I want to have this done and under my belt. I don't know that I will be working at a CDC at our next duty station but I am definitely going to take advantage of any & all schooling / training that the center is offering.

Finally after almost 3 long months & checking the mail faithfully we got my 2010 Hawaii state tax return. We have big plans for it & I'm so stoked, so is the hubbs. We are coming down to the wire before he returns so I'm really hoping that I'm able to pull off those plans before he gets home.

My "To Do List" is long & short, then long soon as I mark everything off & think I'm getting the house together & most of the food shopping done something else comes up. I have those few last minute things that have to wait till the day or two before he gets here so I have that on my list. Each time I rewrite it I get so overwhelmed with everything I need & / or want to do. I know he will be happy regardless of the way the house looks or what food is in the pantry or the way the truck is clean but still I can't help but want everything perfect. I'm a perfectionist its just in my blood that's me and I won't settle for anything less. Speaking of the way things look I have FINALLY marked off ~Homecoming Dress as well as Ball Dress. Two things that I have been searching for, for what seems like forever. Or really more so just putting off because I couldn't decide what I wanted.

This past week we were thrown a real curve ball in our life. I have so much going on in my head that I am still trying to sort it through myself. Going from thinking one thing to a email changing our whole life in a split second is the scariest thing in the world. Over the past couple days we have discussed a few different options both with pros and cons. I can't say that I have one that I am 100 % sent on yet. Sure there is one that out ways another & then one that is just completely crazy I can't even believe that I would agree to it but apart of me has. Right now it's all out of our hands, we can't do anything but hope and pray that everything works out the way we want.

Homecoming & Block leave plans went from plan A to plan B and now I think we are on plan C. I know no matter what as long as we are together nothing else will matter. However that doesn't mean that it doesn't bother me when others say they are going to do one thing and I make plans for things to go that way and then next thing I know its completely changed. Don't get me wrong I'm completely happy that everything has worked out the way it has and it will only be the two of us coming home from the Homecoming Ceremony.
Speaking of Homecoming OMG we are sooooo close I can feel it, although it still feels like forever away. I can't believe that almost a year ago one of the most near and dearest people to me moved off island. I miss her so much and can't wait till we are able to meet up again. This deployment has been so different for me then our first one, I feel like I have grown so much as a person and really found who I am deep inside.


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