Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"One Thing"

After a fabulous Anniversary dinner w/ our friend Julie to help her celebrate at Outback, Sarah asked if I wanted to run into Target. Sure I said I'm always up for a trip to Target plus I needed just ONE THING from the store. A bottle opener that was, nothing else on my list of "To Gets" but that. Of course they have to put the clothing section right in the front when you walk in the door for us to see. No trip to Target is complete with out a stroll through the aisles. I absolutely love Target clothes, they have some of the cutest things. Hawaii's Targets however kind of disappoint me sometimes, they don't seem to have such a great variety as the mainland ones do.

This trip we both managed to quickly snag a few finds & off to the fitting room it was. I scored a new summer maxi dress & a super chic bikini :) I can't wait to rock that one when the hubs comes home.
We had so much fun going through the whole store over and over again shopping for varies things. S is in the process of decorating her home, so this was our big goal while there. Some how I talked myself into redecorating our upstairs bathroom and completely changing it. I found a bathroom set that I absolutely loved & just couldn't pass it up. I couldn't come up with a good logical reason on why not to go for it so I DID.

Between the two of us we spent way to much money but every penny was well worth it. As I sit here sipping wine out of my new bubble glass, I'm quite happy with the purchases I made. I can't remember the last time I had that much fun shopping for home decor for not only myself but for Sarah as well.

We probably got there about 8:30 and didn't end up leaving until after they had closed for the evening, which was at 11pm. At one point they came over the loud speaker saying "The Store was closing in 30 minutes". We both looked at each other & said "Oh we have plenty of time" and went on about our shopping with out even stopping.
By the end of our random shopping spree we were walking through the cosmetic section when over the intercom we heard them say they were closing. Slowly we made our way to the check out with our over loaded cart when a worker asked us if "we needed help finding anything". Quickly we replied with "Ummm the check out maybe, No we are good thanks though", he made a comment saying "I see you found the wine opener there". Yea the ONE THING I came into get and look at us now.
SERIOUSLY I HAD SO MUCH FUN, and have hit a redecorating high and haven't stopped yet. (More to come in a later post)

~Our Bathroom before~

~Our Bathroom after~

Stay tuned for more decorating make overs in the Gabriel Hale (house) to come. Just in time for Homecoming, I'm so excited that I decided to do this now before HC vs. before R&R.

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