Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oops I did it again....

or more so WE did it again, but it sounded catchy right.
After months and months of talking through out the deployment and more research then my brain could hold we did it again. We bought a new car, and traded in our beautiful blue Hemi truck. It was a really hard decision but in the end it was for the best. With the gas prices going up and not looking to come down here any time soon, filling up the truck once a week at $100 bucks a pop was just a bit more then we were wanting to do. We are looking at buying a home at our next duty station and in order to do that we needed to cut some costs in a few places and sadly the truck was one that got cut. With both the Dodges being V8 Hemi's we went through the gas and for the most part had to fill up once a week. We knew we didn't want to get rid of the Chally so the truck was it.

On our must haves list for a new car was SUV cross over, we can't be a two car family. We still needed / want that space like we had in the truck. With moving back to the mainland in the future we will be taking road trips to visit family and friends all through out the states and of course our pups will go with us. So space was a must on the wish list. Other must haves were but not limited to bluetooth connect, Ipod connect, multi disk cd player, comfy seats, automatic windows, automatic lights, keyless entry and of course most important great gas mileage reviews.

After testing out a few different vehicles over the past weekend we finally settled on a 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. While at the dealer they had one on the lot that was a ugly blue that we didn't like, while looking at it another sales associate came and told us they had just got a white one with MORE features in the day before and asked if we wanted to take a look at it. OF COURSE!!!!!!!!! Sadly they couldn't open it up for us, with it just arriving to the dealer Saturday it hadn't been registered or had a safety inspection done on it yet. But we sure could take a look, it had every thing we wanted PLUS some. So we decided to take the ugly blue one for a test drive, Gabe drove I sat in the back and checked everything out.
We loved it, it had everything we had been looking for plus a bonus it has a moon roof (the glass doesn't open but its still pretty awesome). We knew what we wanted for the truck and right off the bat they gave it to us!!!! We wouldn't have done it if we didn't get what we wanted. We have NEVER been upside down in buying a new vehicle as many as we have gotten. We always get what we want to pay off what we owe plus some. We are smart and my hubbs has a way of talking his way through the sales people, and I have to say over time in doing this with him I have gotten to be pretty good myself.
The process of going back and forth didn't last to much, we cut right to the bottom line told them what we would pay and that was that. We had the best sales person helping us and showing us around. It was a first for me, a female sales person. She was so awesome and really down to earth and not pushy at all, she was real with us and understood what we were trying to do and why.

The finance process went by fairly quickly once we got into the office but before that the waiting was horrendous. I absolutely had no patience any more at that point, as nice as they had been I was just ready to get out of there.
In the end we are really happy with our new purchase and we believe it was for the best for us and our future. I'm sure we wont have it long with our track record, I know Gabe misses the truck so much and with in the next few years I'm sure we will be back in one. But until then its the Mitsubishi Outlander.

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