Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Experiencing Hawaii

Sunday after our adventure at Ala Moana which included watching two of Sarah's kiddos' (from this years 3rd grade class) dance Tahitian dancing, shopping at Victoria Secret & Fossil we were ready to head home. With a semi detour in the mix of that as well, I wanted to show S one of my favorite parts of the Island. As we were making our way around we stumbled upon two tree swings that S saw & we just couldn't pass up the chance of trying them out.
It was like we were kids again, trying to see how high we could go and praying the tree branches didn't break.
I can't wait to go back and show Gabe our new little hidden secret, and see if I can talk him into taking a swing at it lol. I love getting to experience everything Hawaii has to offer, there is always something new right around the corner.

I absolutely never want to leave this place its just perfect!!!!!!!!!

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