Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mac 24-7

Enjoying a much needed girls night out with my to favorite island babes. After a adventure in its self getting to the restaurant we were seated and drooling over the menu. What to get, it all sounded so good and delicious. I couldn't decide between the chicken fried steak or the new york strip steak. Finally I settled with the new york steak along with a side of french fries. Something about them, thinly sliced potato's are my weakness I just love them. A side of asparagus came along top of the garlic mash potato's and let me tell you that was the best part of my meal. Ok well maybe not the best but it was pretty darn close. I love dinner dates with the girls even since the hubbs has been home. Before he left I didn't go out with "my" friends by myself so much because I wanted to spend every second with my love. Through out the past year I became really close to the people I hung out with and plan to continue building those relationships with Gabe along to. I'm glad that I am able to bring myself to get out & enjoy time with my friends as well, even now that he is home. It's something we both talked about & its good to have girl time every now and then.

Heaven on a plate Steak, Mash Taters & Asparagus I love me a good cooked steak. Sure some people say I ruin it because I get it well done but that's the way I like it. I'm not a red chewy meat kinda fan. We chatted the night away trying each others dishes and then dessert as well. The waiter wasn't the greatest but when he was at the table he sure made us laugh. I think Gabe & I might try them out for breakfast one morning when his parents are here in a few weeks. I hear they have some killer pancakes...Elvis inspired as well, Gabes fav.

FRIED SNICKERS~ OMG had to be one of the best desserts ever!!!!!!!!

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