Monday, June 4, 2012

Another day Another $$$

Goodness was I not looking forward to this morning. 
Its so hard to go back to work after being off for vacation. I caught myself thinking this weekend about how nice it would be to be a stay at home wife. It was only briefly though because I can't really justify staying at home for me. If we had kids sure that would be one thing but we don't. Or if I was going to school full time but I'm not. We like to go and do things as you can see and me not working and bringing in that 2nd income would keep us from doing some of the things we enjoy. I mean lets face it guys & gals the Army's going broke right and even before we weren't making millions and never will.

I was happy to see my kiddos that I'd missed over the past week. I wasn't looking forward to staying till 5:30pm though. Sure its only a 30 minute difference from when I was getting off but 30 minutes is a lot. I was a little nervous because it was the 2nd week of summer and first week for me that I would be working with new staff. I don't do well with changes and I like consistency. The ladies I worked with in the mornings were great we had a good system down, plus I just really enjoyed working with them. It was so much fun just to sit and talk to them and hear their stories. (remember they are in their 60's)
Today wasn't to bad at all, you could definitely tell the kiddo's missed me. I only have 5 this summer and they were all stuck to me every were I went. I had 5 extra shadows walking around behind me in the room and on the playground. Oh and goodness if I left the classroom talk about melt down central. The teacher I'm working with in the mornings is super sweet, she to is older and has been at the school for 15 years. My fear was that we would have nothing to talk about and it would be really awkward because we are so different but it didn't go to bad.
I have high hopes for the summer and look forward to whats to come. 

~DAY 235~

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ROXY said...

I missed the second income! =( A second income definitely allowed us to do so much things than now. I'm hoping to get back into the workforce when Kyra turns a year old.