Saturday, June 2, 2012

Old & New Friends

Last night I made the 5 hour drive from Lansing, WV to Belvoir, VA in the pouring rain. I'm talking buckets and buckets of rain, so bad that I ended up pulling off the highway. I've never been so terrified driving in my life, not to mention I was still in the rental so that didn't help. Thankfully everything worked out with the whole car catastrophe in a good way. I have a good friend from Hawaii that is now station in DC so I camped out at their house Friday night. We stayed up for our catching up and chatting. Her husband works at Arlington National Cemetery so he was able to explain more of why they do things the way they do. It was nice to see them because it was planed during this trip, just so much to do and so little time. I guess everything happens for a reason right. 

This morning Rae made us all (her hubbs, lil dude & I) breakfast, how sweet of her. She new I wouldn't be able to stay long since I had to get the rental car back by noon which was a hour away. Not  to mention I wanted / needed to get on the road headed home. After breakfast we were cleaning up the kitchen when we looked outside to find her lil dude taking a swim in his little pool. It was so funny, he said he wanted to go swim and well he went. How can you get mad at that cute face though right, we just laughed it off and went back to what we were doing. 
A bit later I packed up my things and was on my way, it was so nice to see Rae and her fam again. Its been 3 years since they've left Hawaii. We always hung out, did bbq's & holidays together so having a slice of that back in the middle of chaos was nice. 

Just as the rental car company was dropping me off at the dealer, the service tech pulled up with my car. Everything checked out fine and works properly just if it was brand new. Thank goodness because I don't think I could handle a single ounce of bad news in regards to this car. After handing over my payment gulp :( the detectable I was back behind the wheel. I've never been more happy to get rid of a rental, that thing was AWFUL!!!!!!
One last stop before I really headed home, another one I'd been looking forward to today. I was meeting up with a fellow blogger friend for the first time. She lives just outside the DC city and happened to be free this afternoon. We met up at a local park right near her home so her cute little one could play while we got to know one another more. I love how the blog world can bring people together from all over the world and all walks of life. Aside from the fact that we totally 50 questioned each other trying to get to know one another you would have though we would have met before. It was a wonderful afternoon and I can't wait to met up again and see whats in store. 

When I was driving to the park I noticed signs for local fresh BBQ, and if you know me at all you know I LOVE LOVE BBQ. Its one of my all time favorite foods, since it was just after lunch time and I hadn't eaten yet I figured I'd try to find were the signs were leading and grab me some grub. Sure enough I found my self pulling into a local parking lot were there was a couple different vendors set up selling fresh fruits, veggies, other things (that I didn't check out) and BBQ. I ordered me a plate doubling up the slaw vs. beans and I had myself a tasty lunch. It was just the pick me up I needed to tell myself I COULD make the long drive home. 

I made it home just a little after 8pm not late at all, just shortly after the hubby got home from work. Boy was I glad to see him and the pups again, I sure did miss my love. 

~DAY 233~

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Janna Bogert said...

Oh man I miss the BBQ I used to get in VA. We used to go to this place called Pierce's BBQ and it was AMAZING.