Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Lovin!!!

This morning while I was cleaning the house I got a call from a co-worker (who is currently off for the summer) she wanted to go to the water park on post. BACK UP~ her two granddaughters (she was one of the older ladies I worked with) are in town visiting 11 yrs old & 3 years old. She was wanting to catch up but always needed a extra hand at the water park for the little one. Since the hubbs was working and I didn't have any plans I agreed to go. It was a nice afternoon out and the park wasn't busy at all. Being my first time there I didn't know what to expect but that park was pretty nice and very well kept. Small but big enough to enjoy for everyone. And by everyone I mean EVERYONE and EVERYTHING God gave them. I've always been self conscious about the way I look in a swim suit, just something that comes with life. But I tell you what I didn't feel a lick of sham today. My worship pastor Big E back home (as well as the same man who married us) would always say "just because they made it in your size doesn't mean you have to wear it" AMEN!!!! I have to say it made for some good people watching thats for sure. For me, I have to be comfortable in it and love the way I look if I'm going to wear it our in public. We had a great time catching up but I was ready to get back to my hubby. (he finally was home from work) I just don't mesh with my co-workers here like I did in HI. I don't think the hubbs and I would go there just the two of us, its definitely more geared towards families with kids. But it's nice that we have it on post for these hot summer days we are having. 
Before heading home I stopped off for some frozen yogurt. I received a gift card to 32 degrees Yogurt bar a few weeks back from one of my parents and decided to finally use it. I'm not really a fan of different flavored yogurts so I stuck with Vanilla. For my toppings I decided on Sprinkles~ always, Mini Reese Piece's ~ because I'd never seen them before, and I added a few Nerds ~ shouldn't have. This was the first time I'd seen Nerds on a dessert topping bar, lets just say I won't do those again. I like them but it just didn't mix well with the yogurt.
For dinner I tried out a new recipe I got from a fellow blogger friend. I'd been itching to try it here for a while now and finally got around to it. Lets just say we weren't disappointed at all, it was fabulous. We even have enough left over for lunch for the next couple days.
You can find the recipe here ~ Summer Veggie Pastathanks so much Kate for sharing one of your families dinner dishes, it will forever be in our recipe book. :)

~DAY 255~

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Brittany said...!! And I bet Nerds weren't too great on frozen yogurt...but mini Reese's pieces are the best! That veggie pasta looks delish too :)