Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ohana means Family

I'd been looking forward to this weekend since I found out about it. A Hawaii reunion with the B family in the South. The B family has in-laws in Greenville, South which is only two hours away from us!!!! They were coming down for a visit for a few days and invited us up for a cook out / gathering. I saw them back in December when I went to TN for a visit but the hubbs hadn't seen them since he was on R&R, March 2011. Let me just tell you if there was any other girl he had wrapped around his finger it would have to be their now 4 year old. He LOVES/D S so so much, that was his little squirt. I asked him almost EVERYday to see if he could get the day off to go up with me and finally at the last minute we found out he was going to have off. THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!
We met the B family in Hawaii, I worked at the CDC on post and S was in my class. R asked me to watch her a time or two and then from there we were always hanging out and spending holidays together. When her hubbs was deployed I helped her out a lot with S. They are family to us and I absolutely LOVE them. Baby O is now 8 months old and as cute as a button, back in December when I first met him he was only 2 months old. He definitely has more of a personality now and starting to become quite the charmer. The hubbs had loads of fun with him, he is so good with kids. For someone that doesn't want kids anytime soon, he really is good with them. It makes me smile and warms my heart, because I know he is going to be a great dad one day. 

While we were hanging out before we left we took some "family pictures".
I love these two kids they are so cute and fun to hang out with.

family pic. take ~ 1
 family pic. take ~ 2
 family pic. take ~ 3
 Oh goodness I wonder how will we will be able to manage family photos when we have our own kiddos. It was so funny trying to get both kids & us to look at the camera at the same time.

Two of my favorite girls!!!!
We've celebrated many birthdays, homecomings, deployments, tears, dinners, shopping trips, Hawaiian adventures, late night dates (together & separate) and so much more.
I broke S of her passy, I was the first one to keep her over night,
(& up until tomorrow night I was still the only one to ever keep her over night)
I let her walk around my house while eating right out of a tub of icing,
(hey she was going home shortly after lol)
I would & still would do anything for her & her brother. I hate HATE that we live so far apart now. Although now that we are on the Mainland we are closer than when we were in Hawaii after they left. Still there's that distance thing, darn you Army.
She could totally pass as our kid right :)
(shhhh, you can keep a secret right....... I hope when we do have A (yes single) child that its a girl bc I know she will be a daddy's girl.)
We had such a blast catching up with the B family and meeting some of their extended family. Lunch was beyond fabulous, everyone was so welcoming and you would never of though that the Hubbs, C & R hadn't been around each other in over a year. That's what I love so much about our Hawaii Army Ohana, we are able to pick up right were we left off no matter the time apart. 

~DAY 248~

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