Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lazy Sunday

It was a beautiful Sunday, the hubbs of course had to work so I was enjoying the day being lazy at home. I cleaned up the house unpacked did all the laundry, dishes and everything else that needed to be done. I told the hubbs I'd pick up the backyard (ie. clean poop) that way he could mow when he got home. Half way through being done I decided my hands weren't broke and I was more that capable of doing it myself. Plus I wanted to give him the night off when he got home. I figure the least I can do is try, I did it a time or two in Hawaii when he was deployed and it turned out ok then. We have a old school push row mower (no gas of anything like that, just the blade) so its super easy to use, there's not even a one or off switch. (its pretty dummy proof) I have to say it turned out pretty good, I even went as far as trimming the edges around the fence line with the weedeater.
After it was all said and done the pups and I sat out back and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. I caught up on some blog reading while that baked in glory.
Don't you just love my new TOMS, I picked them up in Georgetown on during my WV / DC trip. They are so comfy and cute!!!!!
The rest of the day consisted of doing a whole lot of nothing. I did go have lunch with the hubbs at work, which was a nice break for him during his busy day. I hope the new few months go by fast because I can tell right now I'm not going to love spending every weekend husbandless at home. :(

~DAY 234~


ROXY said...

I love your crochet toms. I haven't seen this one before. I'm glad to hear you had a relaxing day before you went back to work.

wHiT said...

GIRL! I love love your toms! I'm so glad that we are friends on fb or else I would have soo much more catching up to do on your blog.

hope this finds you well dear.