Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lazy Buds

I seriously hate HATE how tired the hubbs is here lately. Besides him being completely exhausted when he comes home from work this first cycle hasn't been to awful for us. I'm sure I just totally jinxed myself though, right. I hate the long crazy hours he is having to work, getting up at 3:30am and not home till 8:30pm is a joke. I know its only temporary but still it wears on your body something fierce. This evening he came home from work and planted himself right on the couch. Dingo misses his daddy  during the day, they are best buds. He thinks he has to be right up there with him at all time. I love my baby and what he does for our country and training the future of the Army. I just wish sometimes there was something more I could do for him you know. The teachers I worked with in the fall & spring semester gave me a hard time because I cooked him meals ahead of time before going out of time, I do all the laundry, commissary shopping, keep up with the house and so much more because frankly look at that face. That stuff is the last thing he wants to worry with when he gets home. It's not much but it's the lest I can do right now. I just hope April 2014 comes quickly, that's our PCS date from here, which means no more Life on the Trail. 

~DAY 237~


E said...

Do you know where you'll be PCSing to, or choices of places?
We're still hoping to end up back in Texas, one way or another, by 2014.

Janna Bogert said...

I'm so sorry he has to go through this :( I mean Major Payne (the movie) makes it look really fun, but I realized when Will was in Basic that Drill Sergeants must have it really hard. I hope the time flies for you guys!