Saturday, June 16, 2012

Commissary Shopping

Since the hubbs has CQ again today or really this evening I decided I should go ahead and brave the commissary. I simply hate hate going but its got to be done, before he started Drill School and even in Hawaii we would always go together. After my first trip alone in Hawaii before he came home I swore I'd never do it alone again. Woomp Woomp Wooomp, here I am eating my words and going to the commissary alone. I've been doing it for the past ummm 4 months now and I suppose its not that bad its horrible .  You just have to weave around every old retired person that stops in the of the aisle, look the other way when a child is acting a complete fool in front of you and the parent can't control them. Besides them always being out of ground turkey and never more than 3 or 4 lanes open its not to crazy I guess. The thing that annoys me (you military spouses will understand what I'm talking about) at the check out line you know how you have to wait till the next number is called or lights up on the display to tell you which lane to go to......yea well they don't have one of those here. So I never know which lane to go to or when, I mean there's not even someone there to tell you. I don't want to be that person that goes to the wrong lane for whatever reason. Its simply but you get use to things like that and when its gone and learning a new system can be frustrating. 

Yes, I type my list our every trip and categorize it done so it makes it easier for me to do the shopping. I've done it this way since we moved in together and it works perfect. I even have my own little system of how I put things in the cart and on the belt when I go to check out. This helps me see how much we are sending on "whats on the list" and "whats extra". I have found that going alone I save a good bit more money because the hubbs isn't there tossing in everything in sight that looks good to him. 
We even type out the meals we are going to be having over the next month and post it on the frig. This helps in knowing what is going to be made for dinner each night. I don't find myself standing in the pantry trying to come up with a meal. Also this helps because it makes sure that I ONLY get what I need and not a random amount of useless items. 

How do your shopping trips go at the Commissary??? 
Are you as OCD about it as I am????

~DAY 247~

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Janna Bogert said...

Haha this does seem OCD, but also very efficient! I do like to plan out meals, but leave room for error, because sometimes we change our minds. I do want to be a bit more disciplined when Will gets home, though. I don't want to have to move our whole food stock.