Saturday, June 9, 2012

Medieval Times Dinner

After the classes this afternoon we went and did a little window shopping along the board walk. I finally found a candle I'd been looking for, we picked up a few treats for the pups and a Christmas ornament. We also tried out a local cupcake shop but its nothing to write home about. We enjoy the afternoon checking out more of what Myrtle Beach had to offer before going & getting ready for our exciting date we had planned for the evening.
That's right we went to Medieval Times along with the other two couples we hung out with the night before. I'd been before but years and years ago for my little brothers birthday so I didn't remember much at all about it. The hubbs on the other hand had never been so we were both really excited. Of course we had to join in and try out the local drinks they were mixing up, I mean it wouldn't be a feast if we didn't right. The hubbs was a sport and wore his crown all night as well, I was quite impressed.
Dinner at MT if you have not been is so yummy but its all eaten with your hands. That's right no spoon or fork allowed, even the soup. Which might I add was Tomato soup which I've never been a fan of but this my friends was fabulous. I have to figure out how to recreate it. (or if any of you lovely readers have a delicious recipe you might want to send my way, I'd greatly appreciate it.)

The chicken was really good to, much more than I could eat by myself. It was a whole half of a chicken, and on top of that we got potato wedges and ribs. Talk about a food over loads, dessert came after and let me just say if anyone left there hungry you were crazy. 
Our Knight was the blue one and although he didn't win the final match we had loads of fun cheering him on and booing the other knights. Through out the night each knight would toss roses into the stands of their section, our friend A caught one, which was so sweet because she's pregers :). The horse's were amazing which was crazy you'd think they be freaked out by all the noise and commotion but I guess they've gotten use to it. We both had such a great time and that's all we talked about for the rest of the evening. I love going out and doing different things together that we haven't experienced before, this was such a great idea.

~DAY 240~

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