Thursday, June 28, 2012

triple digits

The heat is here and I don't think it's going any were any time soon. They kept predicting we were going to be in the triple digits come the weekend. Whelp, let me tell you that happen a few days early. Yesterday on my way home I looked down at my dash, my temperature gage said 100. YIKES!!!!! Today folks we've moved up in the triple digits and I'm not diggin it at all. Even worse the hubbs has FTX (Field Training Exercise) this weekend and wont be home much. I've been drinking lots of water, always making sure I have a extra bottle with me. I think I'll be spending a good part of the weekend in doors if the heat keeps up. We just have to make it through the horrible summer heat, oh what like 4 maybe 5 months, then cooler tempts to come. 
~DAY 259~


Brittany said...

Girl, I feel you on the sucks! Sorry your hubby will be gone a lot, but hopefully you'll have a restful weekend :)

Mrs. Robinson said...

Ughhh ... the heat has been so ridiculous. I step outside and feel like I'm choking on air. It's awful. Stay cool, sista!