Monday, May 18, 2009

Double Date Day

Gabe & I were invited to the movies and then dinner by our friends Rae & Jason today. They wanted to go on a double date and then head back to their house for dinner. As Gabe is telling me this I'm thinking ok why not. It would be a nice & relaxing afternoon, & then it hit me. "Well what movie did they wanna see??????"
He replied with the worst movie I would have guessed, the new Star Trek Movie. AAAAAAHHHHHH, are you kidding me. I could careless about seeing that. I had no interest what so ever in seeing that movie BLAH....I never saw any of the other ones, nor do I even really know anything about the movie or background.
After much complaining I sucked it up and said ok what the heck I'll go just so the two of us could be together, beside they have yummy snacks at the theaters.
We met up at the theater just on time, to get seats on the front row (seeings the theater was packed that's all that was left) oh well though. I really didn't care because I wasn't interested in seeing it any how.
After the movie was over Gabe and I had to run down to HNL to pick up my meds. & then headed back to the Stechmans for dinner.
Spaghetti, Homemade biscuits & salad was on the menu for dinner and for dessert we had brought a Oreo pie UMMMMMM!!!!
It was so good, the Spaghetti was not your every day Spaghetti. Jason had added is own little flare to it which was delicious. It couldn't have been better. After looking through photos with Rae we had some pie and shortly after said our goodbyes. It was such a relaxing day, no rush, no dog's in our face, no children running around (they have a almost 1yr old whom is a angel), just a good time with great friends. I can't wait for July to come because we are all going to Seattle together and it is just going to be a blast.
Each and every day it just gets better and better here in Hawaii with My Love Bug, My Boo.

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