Friday, May 22, 2009

Training Day 5

Ft. Shafter HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!
As if I wasn't looking forward to today's training enough, now I have to drive to Ft. Shafter 20-30 minutes away for the day. BLAH!!!
Thankfully though, Nicole & I decided to car pull down there to make the day a bit more enjoyable. I had Gabe drop me off at her house around 7:30ish since the class started at 8:00am and he didn't have to work today so it gave him something to do.
Today was all about CPR & First Aide Training. To bad I hadn't taken the classes earlier before I came out to Hawaii I would even have to go today but I didn't.
We slowly managed our way through the first half of the class (the CPR part). Practicing on adult dummies, child dummies and even infant ones. Back and forth, up and down we went over step by step. I think I could preform CPR with my eyes closed now if I needed to.
Before lunch (which was only suppose to be 30 minutes turn into 45 minutes so that was nice) we hard a written multiple choice test of 20 questions. It was like cutting a slice of pie it was so easy.
A bunch of us went over to the PX / Commissary in one that they had and got Subway for lunch (boy that place was small) and then headed back to first out the after noon part of First Aide Training.
It was all about watching a movie and then practicing on our partner different ways to bandage them up. It was fun LOL, we were kids again playing doctor. After another 20 question test. The class ended at 2:30pm just enough time for us to leave and miss traffic coming back to Wahiawa. We managed to make our way to Target for a bit of looking around and shopping before we got to my house. I love me some Target and can't pass up a chance to go.
However I was looking forward to getting home to My Love. Tonight was DATE NIGHT for us and we were going shoe shopping and then to eat at one of my favorite places. I love long weekends together they are the best.

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Annie Banannie said...

So that means you can save my life now...hehe :) When do you start work?