Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Renewed Love

Today we had the Joy of being apart of Jamie & Anthony's vowel renewal ceremony. It has been 9 years since the two of them first joined hearts together as one and to end their journey here in Hawaii and everything they have been through in the Army they decided to renew their love to one another.
It was extra special for us because they asked Jared to do the ceremony. (yes, he is certified to preform them, him & a buddy of his took a online course awhile back so technically they both can marry people. crazy I know)I was a bit nervous and biting my tongue as he was coming up with what he was going to say. However he has a way with words. This is the guy that came up with his own vowels on the spot of our wedding and they were breath taking.

The event was held on the other side of the island near Kaneohe it was small only a few of their closest friends were invited and their oldest daughter held the rings on a pillow for them as Jared did the ceremony. After a few tears and some laughter of a Jewish joke that Jared played on them by having them step on a light bulb (glass)that was in a pot holder for good luck. As we all said "Mazel Tov" as they did this. It is good luck in the Jewish religion to do this after a couple is married. However none of us their are Jewish it is a on going joke that is always some how thrown into the conversation of everything. They kissed and were pronounced as Mr. & Mrs. Stevens once again. It was so sweet and I was so choked up, just watching my very own husband do such a touching thing for two of his friends.

We hung out for a bit, took a few pictures, played at the beach with the kiddos that were there and then everyone parted ways.

Gabe & I headed downtown to Waikiki to meet Jamie & Anthony with their girls for dinner. We were planning on eating at the Cheese Cake Factory (one of my all time favorite places to go), however when we got there & ran into one of the guys in Gabe's company we quickly changed our mind after he told us it was a 2 hour wait. At this point it was almost 8:00pm and that would mean we wouldn't get a table till almost 10:00pm NO WAY that wasn't going to work.
I called down the street to Tikis Bar & Grill and lucky for us there wasn't a wait at all. We had a wonderful dinner, but there was still one surprise left for Jamie that she had no idea about, but Gabe & I did. Anthony had rented a hotel room for them for the night there at Tiki's & we were going to watch their girls for them. Seeings they are staying with us right now it wouldn't be to bad at all. So once we finished dinner we headed back to their car, got the little ones car seat and walked over to our car to get their luggage. At this point Jamie is still a bit confused and dose not get what is going on. HEE HEE it was so funny.
It wasn't until later that night after we had left with the girls that she finally figured it out.
It was such a great ending to a wonderful day for the two of them. We are both blessed to have them as our friends & are going to miss them so much when they move back home next week. :(


Annie Banannie said...

Awww....your friends Jamie and Anthony look like such a happy couple :)

NeNe said...

I guess Hawaii calls to you to renew vows,I have had friends who have been over there and renew their vows, how neat, you and Gabe need to do that before you leave. but adding a little humor, the Jewish thing---funny! So glad you all are going to go to Seattle, such a cool place. flowers are pretty, because you don't have the Texas heat. How boring your training sounds, but if they require it, they require it, oh well. Sounds like you all are having fun with the pups and getting to do things, I agree with you about Star Trek. Love, NeNe