Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Last Time :(

We took Jamie & Anthony and their two lil. girlies to dinner tonight @ the Cheese Cake Factory for one last get together before they headed back to the grand land of Ohio. Anthony decided through the deployment, this past year that the Army was just NOT for him and his family. Meaning when the guys all returned this past February instead of looking into the future of what they next few months were going to with hold in the Army here in Hawaii, he was processing OUT.

Jared met the Stevens Family back when he first came out to the Island back in 2006 and they have been the best of friends since then. I grew very close to them as well over the last couple years. They are so sweet and have 2 cute lil. girls. Seeings that Anthony's EST date was about 2 weeks prior to the end of their oldest daughters school, they needed to find housing. Not wanting them to leave island because it would just....well suck, we offered them a place to stay here with us. They moved in around the first week or so of May and we all had a blast together. From Dinners, movies, beach visits, shopping and just hanging out.

We had a grand time, I knew that the time would come that we would have to say "Goodbyes" and I wasn't looking forward to it at all.
Tuesday night came so much sooner than I thought it would. Gabe & I found ourselves at the airport with Jamie & Anthony and with there almost 9 check in bags and 2 carry on's for each one of them. OMG, it was a site the four of us trying to get all the back, two kids a large stroller and a car seat in the airport.
I did good all the way up until they had to walk through security and then it HIT ME LIKE A TON OF BRICKS, that they were leaving and not just on a vaca. It was for good.
I HATE GOOD BYES & I cryed forever, the thought that when I go back over to their neighbor hood to visit our other friends and seeing someone else living in their house is just going to suck. Or when we want to go to the beach & they are not here to call up and go with us its going to suck.
I am looking forward to going back to the mainland again, and being able to catch up with all my friends and family there as well as take a visit to Ohio.

"HaPpY EaRlY 8th bIrThDaY tO JeSsIcA"


Annie Banannie said...

Goodbyes always suck! I've always hoped they would get easier as time goes on, but sadly they only seem to get harder :( Sorry your friends had to leave.

Annie Banannie said...
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