Saturday, May 30, 2009

week one.....

Well, the first week at my new job went smooth.
Boy I tell you not working for almost 5 months and jumping in to a new job working 8 hours a day for 2 weeks is crazy. It makes the evenings go by super fast when I get home.
I like the Center I am working at and everyone there seems really nice and willing to help with any and everything I need. They are all so friendly. (it just reminds me that not all military wifes & locals are losers.)
The kids are great & I have already found a class that I just love to be in, however seeings that I am a FOC (flex-on-call), I will always be in a different class room. I don't mind that though it will give me a chance to learn the routine of all the classes and the different children and teachers in them.
I also really enjoy the "NOT having a set schedule" at first I was kinda bugged by the thought of it but the more I think about it and the more I have worked this past week and talked with some of the staff its really not that bad. I think I will just ride it out and see were it takes me.
I got 8 hours every day this week but today, I got 4. Fine by me, I don't mind going home early on a Friday and plus I was able to get alot done at home. So thats always good.
I am looking forward to a fun filled week next week of work. Here's to hoping I will be able to work at least 4 or 5 hours a day. However 8 hours would be fine by me as well.


Annie Banannie said...

Sounds like you'll be super busy from now on.

NeNe said...

Can't decide if my comment went, it is storming here and the lights keep blinking. So glad you were able to help your friends out, a friendship you won't ever forget, their kids are so cute. Glad you like your job and it is flexable, know you were ready to get to work. Just now got around to looking at your blog, been out of pocket. You are so fortunate to meet such nice people and will be able to visit them....Tiffany, why is your Mom collecting coloring books and who for? Like I say, have been out of pocket and am going again...Love, Nene