Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Pooches :)

Our Pup's they get along so well, and just love playing together. We are so happy that we got Bailey & that her and Dingo get along so well. They are a match made in Heaven!!


Jess said...

So cute!

NeNe said...

Bailey is darling, my girlfriend had a female dog named Baily, it fits her. Wish I had gotten Tasha a playmate when she was a pup, had too much to contend with at the time, Donald was so sick then and one pup was enough, but think she would be friendier,(Gabe can attest to that) they will be good company for each other and now Dingo is not an "only dog"(child)Also, like your chicken recipes.Have fun with your pups, they are both so cute! Love NeNe

Annie Banannie said...

Awwww...puupy love :)