Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday LOVE!!!

The morning started off on a good foot, and the day just keeps getting better & better. Today is my Love's birthday and well last night he & his buddy Jason had CQ at the company area, lucky for them both they have today off. HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!

Last night I totally vegged out & cleaned up the house a bit (not that its ever in a mess or dirty)& got his gifts together on the front table for when he came home.
I work up some what early this morning thanks to the dog, and was down stairs messing around on the computer when I looked at the time & thought "I should take the guys donuts since its Gabe's bday". I new just were to go get his favorite ones to. At the Shoppette, Strawberry iced. So off Dingo & I went (yes yes, i took the dog to wish Gabe a happy bday morning) to the shoppette, we grabbed a few donuts & some for Jason to and a Rock Star for my love and headed up to the company area.
He had no idea that I was coming & I hadn't talked to him yet this morning it was only 7:00am so it was gonna be a super surprise.
As we headed up stairs Dingo was greeted by a old co-worker of Gabe's, Erik a quick Hello and then off we went to the training room. There he was sitting my poor Love so so tired from being up all night, but as soon as he saw me walk in it was like he was so awake and happy and surprised to see me there. After loving on Dingo for a bit giving him his breakfast & one of his gift's (a $50.00 gift card to game stop) I headed back home, he still had another 2 hours of work & then he would be off for the next 3 days YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally my boo was home, greeted at the door by Dingo and then rushed in to see the rest of his goodies. On top of the $50.00 game stop gift card I had already given him this morning I also got him the PLAYSTATION Eye (which is a super awesome web cam. we can use on the TV, so yes it benefits me as well lol) and a new game Nightclub Los Angeles. He was so happy he has wanted the camera for awhile now & the game he enjoyed playing it at a friends house so I new it would go over well. Off to shower and bed he went to rest up for a night on the town. Poor thing was pooped after a long long day at work.

After a nice long nap, Gabe decided to get up & well if you know him at all I'm sure you know just what he did when he got up. He opened up the PS3 Eye cam. & set it all up. Its so neat, I'm just as excited about it as he is. (we have a friend who's birthday is coming up & now we know just what to get them) And of course he put in the new game to play. Boy's & their toys, he is so funny when he plays because he gets all in to it & if he dies or looses he gets so mad and starts complaining & yelling at the TV. That's when I step in & remind him that it is just a game.

Shortly after playing a bit of PS3 we got dresses and headed downtown to Waikiki to meet up with Jamie & Anthony of course. Whats a dinner with out then :), we all met up at Red Lobster. I was starving and couldn't wait to dig in to some yummy food. Thankfully there was no wait and we were able to get right in. WOW, a Friday night in HNL that's not normal.

We stuffed our faces with appetizers & their yummy biscuit's and salad, when the main course came I was starting to get full already but that wasn't gonna stop me. I ordered their Cajun Chicken Pasta....I know I know chicken at a sea food restaurant well I don't eat sea food. We had all talked about dessert before & how good they looked but once it came time to order we were all way to full to even try. However whats a birthday with out a little sweet treat. So we broke down and order 3 different desserts to share around the table. OMG, at this point I am so overly stuffed, but every thing was oh so so good. I don't like sea food but boy do I love Red Lobster. Gabe just enjoyed every bit of it and finished off one of the desserts all on his own.

We decided to head back to post and meet up with some other friends who were up at the bowling alley and play a game or two. When we got there I had no intention of playing I was just going to watch and visit that was my plan and I stuck to it. Some how someone talked my love in to playing. Once he got started you could see it he was having so much fun. It was his birthday, we were together, and hanging out with some of his close friends that he has here in Hawaii.

After a round of cosmic bowling we decided to call it a night and every one parted ways and headed home.
It truly was a magical day and I am so happy that we will be spending all of our birthdays together from here on out. I couldn't imagine it any other way.

WE COMPLETE Each other & we have found a Love that is ever lasting!!!!



Jess said...

Happy Birthday...may he have many more wonderful birthdays and I hope every birthday can be spent in your arms!

Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier said...

Thanks Jess. I will send your wishes Gabe's way!!!!

Nene said...

Gabe, so glad you had a very happy birthday and you and Tiffany got to be together, Thank you for being there for Tiffany and making her so very happy! Love, Nene