Thursday, May 21, 2009

Training Day 4

What a day, seemed like one of the longest days of training since we started.
Thankfully, However the classes today were on Wheeler and I didn't have to travel far. We even got an hour & half lunch break which was nice. Nicole & I came back to my house and had some Pizza, YUM!! and played with the puppies for a bit.
In training today we went over the Background of The Company, The Company Policies, Employee Benefits, The Dress Code and what all the DMWR included and what was involved with working for the MWR. That was just the morning part of the class and it was a mouth full. At the beginning of the class the trainer told us we would be getting out i figured about 30 to 45 minutes early.
After lunch we ended up watching a movie about fish (don't ask me how it tied into the training but it did), and we received our fancy dancy name tags. Now I only have to go and get my new ID made and I will be set.
After a bit more nonsense, it was 2:30pm and we were all done for the day. I couldn't believe it. I just new that everyday was going to be like Monday were we where there till 4pm but thankfully not.
I quickly headed home to pick up my love from work so we could spend the evening together.
Only ONE more day to go training and boy can I not wait to get Tomorrow done & over with.

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Annie Banannie said... sounds like they had you go all over the place for your training during the week. I bet you're super glad you're done :)