Sunday, May 3, 2009

Out w/ the old & In w/ the new

When Gabe was home on R&R in November of last year we went car shopping for him. He was going to need a vehicle once we both got to Hawaii. We new we were already planning on taking mine but one was just not enough. We didn't want to buy in Hawaii because it just cost way to much. It's crazy how much they raise the price on thing just cause it had to be shipped over here. But whatever, that's Hawaiians for you.

So we ended up with a Land Rover Discovery 2003 which he was just so proud of & so happy. You would of though the guy landed on the moon & touch the stars or something. It was great, I love the Land Rover. We fixed it up quite well & replaced a few missing parts. The plan was to turn it in to a super awesome off road vehicle, since that's what land rovers are made for. They are the number one off road vehicle in America, they even out preform the jeep.

On the down side to owning a LR, they can be very costly when something goes wrong & needs fixing. Parts can be expensive & often hard to find in the US.
A few weeks ago, one of the brake lights on the LR went out & we tryed everything to fix it and it just wasn't working. The dealership told us they could fix it and the part would be around $800.00 plus the labor which would be in the couple thousands of dollars. "Yeah, ummmm no thank you". We were still going to shop around to see if we could fix it on our own. Then, this past Thursday rolls around & Gabe calls to tell me the passenger front window will not roll up. OMG, are you kidding me.
One thing Gabe's loves to do is car shop, even if he knows he is not the least bit interested in buying the car he will go to a dealership test drive it. Go in and talk numbers with the sales guy & have them work their butts off to bring the price down to what he wants. Then he is off on his way w/o a new car. THANK GOODNESS.

However this trip was very different today, we got a call from the Ford Dealership down new Pearl City saying they had a truck there on the lot that Gabe had requested information about a few days ago online & wanted him to come in & take a look at it.
Ok sure we will go I told him, know we would just look & ponder of it & then be on our way.
When we got there & they pulled the truck around front I was so shocked. It was just like a truck I had a few years ago, same color, make, model & everything. There was just a few things different. We test drove it, went it & talked numbers as always & got the LR appraised to see how much they would give us for it. (2wks ago when we were at the LR dealership they offered us $6000.00 for it which is what it is worth so that was good) They came back w/ offering $3900.00. Heck freakin no are you kidding me, Jared quickly laid it all out there to the guy & explained our visit to the LR Dealership. So the sales guy left & came back offering $4500.00 for the LR, as well as they have already dropped the price of the truck we were looking at down to around $18000.00 from $26000.00 which was the sticker price. (I tell you he is good at this car haggling) That still wasn't good enough for us to jump up & down about. So once again they did there thing & now they are going to give us $5000.00 for the LR & $17000.00 for the truck out the door. The payment were in the mid $300's which was not okay by me.
Gabe & I stepped out to have a talk. (alittle heart to heart if you will say)The LR is a big deal, & we don't want to get in to deep with it & end up having to pay more to fix things on it than it is worth or even what we paid for it. (seeing's we paid cash for it, it was paid off) After alot of talking & alot of figure out payments & what not, I really started to think that this was the right way to go (Jared of course was all for it from the start, he just wasn't taking less than $6000.00 for the LR)& if we were going to do this we should do it soon while we have found something that we both really like alot.
So I told him I would only do it under once condition.....they had to get the payments under $300.00 a month & no more than 60 months. So we went back & I told the sales guys our plan & how we would take the truck & they looked at me like I was crazy & said ok let me see what I can do. Back again, they were offering $6000.00 for the LR which is what we wanted & $335.00 for a monthly payment. NOPE, thank you and good bye. I said what I wanted you can't do it sorry you don't get our business.
The manager came down & said wait, wait let me try this. So he came back offering the truck at $16000.00 & got our payments down to $303.00, ok this I can work with. Not to mention this whole time the APR on the whole deal was incredible, thanks to our awesome credit we have. We went from a sticker price of alittle over $26,000.00 to $16,000.00 a difference of $10,000.00

(Our awesome sales guy, Sean!!!)
Gabe & I talked and decided to put down a $1000.00 to bring the payment right under $300.00, I couldn't believe this. We were really going to trade in the LR get what we wanted for it & get a new truck that we both really liked.

So we did it, sign the papers and got the keys and were on our way out the door.
We are now the proud owners of a 2009 FORD RANGER 4X4, it had 27 miles on it, which we put on it test driving it. It has 4 doors & is just awesome, Gabe really really likes the small truck & it fits him to a T. We couldn't be happier with the decision we made to trade in the LR and buy the Ranger.

He is so sad to see his Land Rover go, :(

Now the goal is to have it paid off be time we leave this stink place next June, which I know we can do. I can't wait, I'm loven our new TOY we got.





Annie Banannie said...

Welcome to the Ford Fam!! Ford's ROCK!!

Are you not liking Hawaii anymore?

Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier said...

Annie~~ no no no, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HAWAII, im gonna be so sad when it comes time to leave here. But ill be happy to get back to the mainland as well.

NeNe said...

Don't you just hate to haggle with a car salesman. PawPaw always hate it, but he alway beat them down, they know exactly what they can do but seems they have to go ask their manager, think it is part of the game they play, looks like a good truck, think you all will enjoy it! Love, Nene