Saturday, May 9, 2009

oH tHe JoY's Of LiViNg In HaWaIi

This past week has gone by super fast it seems like, but hey I'm not complaining at all. Gabe was home from work by around 2 or 3 every day but Tuesday so not to shabby at all. I was able to get allot of house work done over the last week as well. Seeings we are going to be having some friends stay with us for a couple weeks I wanted to get a head start on the cleaning and getting the house ready for more people. We managed to do a bit of shopping at Kmart as well. They had a rug there I was wanting for the other half of the living room. It fits just perfect under our new desk I got for my birthday and the colors are super awesome. I was a bit worried on how it would go with the rest of the room but its just right. Also at Kmart we were looking at the kitchen appliances and accessories, one of our must do's when we go to any store. I had been wanting a Wok forever now, but not just anyone I wanted the biggest one I could find & well just so happened that they had one that I just loved and it was a bargain that I wasn't going to pass up and the cool part was it was a Martha Stewart brand. Hee Hee. It was a must. We ended up using it that night for dinner and the next night as well. It works just perfect and the best part, clean up is a breeze. Thursday I managed to relax with Dingo for the early part of the day. Had a wonderful lunch with My Love & then back to work he went. The afternoon ending kicking back by the pool chit chatting away with Rae as we played with her 10 month old son in the pool. Friday was a early day for the guys. Thankfully just a PT test and they would be off by noon at the last est. Rae & I decided to take full advantage of the wonderful weather we have been having here & hit the beach bright and early (oh the joys of living in Hawaii), it was perfect. We went down to Kunia Resort and just hung out and enjoyed the sun and watched the waves with the lil. one. After some much needed girl time, we headed back to Schofield to part ways with our hubby's. Gabe and I ended the afternoon with lunch at Jamie & Anthony's house as we watched the movers pack up the last of their HHG's (they are leaving in 2 1/2 weeks to return home). A trip to the commissary, some spaghetti & garlic toast for dinner, and Bride Wars yet again (I talked him in to watching it, even though I had just watched it not even a week ago) was the ending to a very relaxing layed back week.
The weekends are the best, today we are going to be hanging out with little Gage for the day. He is the cutest 3 year old I have ever met. I told Gabe if we could clone him right now I would totally do it. It's gonna be a ball of fun though, filled with lots of outside time. Its so bright & sunny out and the weather feels great. I feel a super fantastic weekend coming & can't wait. I just love our life here in Hawaii together. It just keeps getting better & better.
Living Life & Loving it one day @ a time Together!!!!!

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